Boost-Inn, the hub that manages the customer relationship before, during and after the stay

Olivier Sivriere

After a business school in Paris, Olivier went to take a Master's degree in Computer Science in Toronto.

A born entrepreneur, Olivier founded his first company – WeshProd – more than 15 years ago on his return from Canada. Olivier is passionate about the web and digital technologies.

He has offered SEO and web communication solutions to clients as diverse as large private groups, public bodies and SMEs.

The idea of ​​Boost-inn started to germinate following the increasingly targeted demands of some hotel customers. The first Beta project came from a WeshProd client.

Bahadour Moussa

Bahadour left France after his baccalaureate to continue his university studies (BA and Master) in England.

He then started a career as a head hunter in computer science, then in the financial markets. These 18 years in Great Britain, including nearly 14 to work in the City, gave him the entrepreneurship bug.

Bahadour has always been fascinated by new technologies, FinTech and innovation in general. Its core business has long been quant and algorithmic trading whose success is based on technology and innovation.