Bac 2017: how to make up a year in a few weeks?

Less than a month of the baccalaureate exams is panic: you are not ready at all. Yet, not everything is lost. The proof with former high school students who have won their bac against all odds.

Coup de chance, last minute cramming, "easy" subjects … Every year, some high school students get their bac in extremis.

Put a "boost"

"During the year, I had average results: I was in the soft belly of the class. And I was not good at languages, "says Adrien. Nothing to worry about it. The former pupil of the school Passy-Buzenval Rueil-Malmaison (92) was reassured with 95% success in the bac of his institution. A few weeks before the tests, he put a boost, "without really believing", says the young man. Adrien finally got his scientific bac with average 10.00 all round. His mistake? Have underestimated the difficulty of the exam. "I did not expect such difficult subjects," he says.

It is the high coefficient (9) of the mathematics specialty that saved him: "I got 14 in mathematics." What to compensate his 6 in life sciences and the Earth!

Banking on high-coefficient materials

Julie, 20, who received her literary baccalaureate in 2013 at the Jacques-Amyot high school in Melun (77), began to panic gradually from February-March. "I was trying to work harder, without feeling very effective," the girl recalls, her bet then: to bet on the topics she understood best and with a high coefficient. "In history-geography in languages ​​and physics, I had good results during the year. So I worked on these subjects in priority, which allowed me to make full points on the day of the baccalaureate!"The girl had to fend for herself during her cramming express:" I dared not ask my teachers for help. They kept telling me that they did not think I would have it, "she says, efforts rewarded with an 11.6 / 20 average.

The particular teacher

Anaïs, 23, remembers her reaction on the day of the results: "I was successful, I was really proud of myself, it was a mixture of relief and pride". Still, it was not won. In the final S specialty SVT Lyceum Louis Jouvet of Taverny (95), Anaïs feared to fail because of its difficulties in scientific … matters. "I knew my level was weaker than my classmates, and I had some math problems," she explains. Nevertheless, the high school student graduated with an average of 10.5.

What saved her? A particular teacher in maths and physics-chemistry. "During the Easter holidays, I did intensive training, we worked four hours a day for five days and he supported me tremendously, without him I would not have had it," says the girl.

For those who take it at the last minute, Anaïs advises redo the annals. "It makes learning easier and faster," she notes.

Adrenaline and oral

For Martin, 19, stress has been a driving force. "I was so afraid of not having my bac that it gave me the energy that I lacked until then!" Says the former student of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Versailles (78) . The young man, who finally won his bachelor's degree with an average of 14.08 / 20, explains his method: "I started by collecting all the class notes of my classmates to read them again. And the day before each trial, I worked hard on the subject of the next day. It was a lot of adrenaline and caffeine! "

Even if you are objectively wrong, especially do not give up. Nothing is lost yet. Get to work and hopefully you'll be asked about your previous day's revisions.