Apply for the 2019 Responsible Marketing Award

On July 3, 2019 is organized the Adetem Marketing Night at the Museum of the Arts Forrains. Enter and send in your application for one of the prizes, including the Responsible Marketing Award.

Adetem is the first network of marketing professionals in France. For 6 years, the Adetem organizes each year a special night dedicated to marketing: Adetem Night, the opportunity to award the Awards of Marketing Excellence (registration here) These awards have a goal: to enhance the initiatives and marketing strategies and the most innovative and efficient digital For the third consecutive year, Adetem also offers a Responsible Marketing Award, of which is a partner and member of the jury.

To better understand this exceptional evening, relive the 2018 edition in video.

A night and a prize dedicated to marketing and responsible marketing

Marketing is central to the strategy of almost every business. But marketing is also in full swing: consumer expectations are changing, the means of communication are more and more innovative, the formats are changing. To be at the forefront of understanding these developments, there's nothing like confronting peers and seeing what others are doing.

There is no better way than to see how professionals approach the marketing question from the perspective of corporate responsibility. How to communicate better? How to make a marketing of transparency? How to make marketing more "sustainable"? So many questions that have been agitating marketers for some years all over the world.

The ambition of the Adetem Night is to prolong the reflection on these topics and to highlight the best practices, in order to promote constant innovation in the world of marketing. On the program: a great evening of networking and entertainment, as well as the Adetem Marketing Awards, including the Responsible Marketing Award.

The Adetem Marketing Awards: submit your applications

Every year, dozens of companies submit their applications for the Marketing Awards. Each year, nearly 25 laureates are rewarded and see their marketing strategies put forward.

It is possible to submit (before May 6th, May) your application in 6 categories: Marketing and digital innovation, Responsible Marketing and Customer Experience, Startup Grand Prix, B2B Marketing Awards and of course the Grand Prix of Marketing Excellence!

After a defense before a grand jury president by Emery Jaquillat (President of CAMIF) and made up of professionals of marketing, communication and digital (including Pierre-Yves Sanchis, founder of, the presentation of prize will be held during the Adetem Night, the July 3, 2019 at the Musée des Arts Forrains.

For all those who have engaged in a disruptive marketing approach, who have jostled established models, who have boosted their digital strategy, who have taken risks for the launch of a new product or service. all marketing steps are likely to win the votes of juries, if they are innovative and effective!