Air Jordan, Adidas Yeezy Boost … these sneakers that reach thousands of euros

Sales of vintage sports shoes are increasing sharply. In this market, Adidas and Nike are now competing with luxury brands and showbiz stars. On eBay and Co., the price of sneakers flies. Check out the crazy sneakers and our slide show of the 2017 most-sided models.

They are everywhere! The stars are tearing themselves away, they are present on the fashion week parades and, even in a professional meeting, the executives exhibit them. They are the sneakers. These sneakers, worn in everyday life, have become a real fashion phenomenon. Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook … for the bosses of Silicon Valley, these tennis have even become a real mark of power, as unveiled a recent article Business insider.

And a big business. $ 55 billion a year is the estimated value of global sales of sneakers, according to SportOneSource, a site specializing in the sports industry. The phenomenon is global and concerns all brands: there are not long queues in front of shops or stockouts for limited edition model releases … There are even pirate software like AnotherNikeBot or AIO Bot that allow the addicts to be the first to acquire news on e-commerce sites. These fans are also found in lounges specifically dedicated to basketball. The third edition of the Sneakerness festival attracted nearly 9,000 visitors last September in Paris and these shows are multiplying in France and abroad. In New York, there were 20,000 to walk the aisles of Sneaker Con in 2016!

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This excitement pushed luxury homes to embark on the niche. We see models Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior … whose prices can exceed the thousand euros. On Karl Lagerfeld's website, you can even customize your sneakers (from 350 to 3,500 euros). To attract the crowds, the equipment manufacturers (Adidas, Nike ..) collaborate with artists or show biz stars to produce limited edition sneakers. The Yeezy Boost, the fruit of the partnership between rapper Kanye West and Adidas, have been so successful that the German manufacturer has admitted that these sneakers have boosted sales, not to mention the media fallout. Olivier Abtan, associate director of the Boston Consulting Group, recently reported to Echoes that "sales of high-end sneakers had tripled between 2009 and 2015 to reach some 3 billion euros."

In parallel, a real second-hand market has blossomed on the Net. Web sites for resale or purchase of sneakers allow addicts to acquire shoes that have become real collector's items. In the United States, this "second-hand" market would exceed $ 1 billion according to StockX, a specialized marketplace. The "sneakerheads" – the sneakers – are ready to put the price to satisfy their passion. Some models see their starting fare explode. So Air Jordan sold initially 200 dollars in the trade can fly today to thousands of dollars on sites like Fight Club or eBay. In 2016, it was the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 – Beluga and the Air Jordan 12 Retro The Master that were the most popular on eBay: transactions for each of these two models exceeded $ 2 million. A figure revealed by StockX and the news site, which also publish each quarter a ranking of sneakers that have the most value.

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