Adrien Perrottet and the success of Bodysport thanks to e-marketing

Entrepreneurial success stories fascinate us, make us dream until we seem too beautiful and inimitable. Except that they are just the tip of the Iceberg; when you take a closer look at the pathways of these entrepreneurs, you realize that the path to success is well and truly within everyone's reach.

Adrien has charted his way. The 33-year-old native of Montreux, who holds a CFC in management information technology, is the CEO of, the leader in food supplements and fitness equipment in Switzerland. With a tailor-made infrastructure and a state-of-the-art marketing strategy, his company generates millions of sales a year for only about ten employees. Established since its inception with all its team at Bouveret, Bodysport hopes to inaugurate this year its new warehouse built to measure for its needs that will make more than 1'700 m2. However, Bodysport, B to C service, is not present in any media and has not carried out any fundraising.


A true self-taught

An entrepreneurial soul. Adrien made the start for entrepreneurship at the age of 17 when his father gave him his first computer. While most young people would be eager to buy the newest video games available, Adrien went on the internet to learn how to develop a website.

First carton and first hitch. In parallel with his professional maturity, strong in his computer skills, Adrien, observing the trend of online dating decided to launch his own dating site, He was right. As soon as it's released, it's cardboard. 120,000 members in less than a year and more than 35 million page views per month. Just that. His gamification – sponsorship system worked perfectly. Its website, which generated CHF 50,000 a year, allowed it to be 100% independent. Except that two years later, Facebook arrives in Europe like a tease. Dating sites dive. Not spared Adrien who was just starting his bachelor degree in corporate economics sees that he can not compete and closes End of the adventure.

Restoration in the saddle. A few months later, in his first year of bachelor's degree, in 2009, he observed that his brother then a fitness fan kept ordering food supplements in the United States. Between extended waiting periods and indecent customs fees, he sniffed the opportunity. After some research, noting that nothing existed in Switzerland he developed a first e-commerce website for food supplements. Once operational, he ordered CHF 5,000 worth of supplier price goods and put them on sale on his new platform. Bingo. A few days later, it is already out of stock. Market validated, it remained only to darken.

Observation, its factor X

Boosted by dad. Despite a promising start, Adrien had two problems. One, he was a student. Two, he did not have enough savings. But, boosted by his father school teacher who told him that if he wants to start now, because young and without fixed charge he has nothing to lose, he starts. Thus, Adrien contracted a consumer loan of CHF 30,000 at the rate of 11% and invested all of it in products that he stocked in a friend's warehouse. Exit the Studies, he was gone.

Initiation to online advertising. As the leading player in Switzerland in this specialized market, Bodysport immediately records attractive sales volumes, but not enough to become truly profitable. Without experience in the field, Adrien began advertising on the internet to highlight its products. Observing that his figures were sharply increasing he decided to train in these technologies. How? Self-taught, he began to read forums and then tirelessly test everything he discovered there. Paid work, its turnover is multiplied by 5 in less than a year.

A difficult transition to scale. With his results, Adrien diversifies the Bodysport business by offering fitness equipment, hires new employees, moves his company to a warehouse of more than 500 m2 and opens his platform to the Belgian and French markets. In short, a dream growth. Except that the management of a company is different from a startup and Adrien realizes that one can be very good entrepreneur, but very bad director. Lack of tact, headaches, lack of structure, the management of his staff was a real fiasco, which dangerously blew on his results.

E-marketing and loyalty

Capitalize on your strengths In the impasse, he placed his little brother Lucien, a geometrician by training, but whom he knew better than anyone at the post of director. Success at the rendezvous. Posed, good communicator and pedagogue he restored confidence to the whole society. With this internal reorganization, Adrien was able to focus on what he does best: create value. He went to great lengths to automate his employees' daily tasks and optimize his marketing strategy, including AdWords, Google's ad system. So today, after 10 years of business Bodysport generates an annual turnover of several million with only about ten employees all based in Switzerland and without having made any fundraising. Bluffing.

His strong point, online marketing. Difficult to understand for a successful young Swiss entrepreneur who has been active for 10 years, but Adrien is totally absent from the media. For him it is simply linked to his sector of activity. To maximize his return on investment, he must place his advertisements where his customers are looking for his products, either on the internet. So to sell a skipping rope, the goal of Bodysport will be to appear in the first Google results in connection with the words "rope + to jump" so that its advertising is only the answer to this need. In other words, hot customers. The opposite of an advertisement in a media, because the probability that the readers of an article are at the same time in search of a skipping rope is much lower. In other words cold customers.

His second strong point is customer service. In Switzerland more than elsewhere, the customer experience is essential. Delivery within 24 hours, free return, hotline available at all times, Switzerland is demanding. So Bodysport has made one of its strengths. But how to offer the same benefits as Zalando and Amazon being 100% Swiss? The secret of Bodysport is automation. At home, IT is ubiquitous so that employee tasks are kept to a minimum. For example, if a product is returned, in a scan, the product is stored, the customer is compensated and everything is entered in the accounts.

In summary. Humble and self-taught, Adrien, starting from nothing, used his powers of observation to find a market segment with high potential. Aware of his shortcomings, he was well surrounded. Then worked hard to capture the best way to meet the needs of its customers and retain them. True to his recipe, Adrien has since co-founded Nutrilife and and is working on a new project,

Adrien's advice:

Becoming an entrepreneur must first and foremost be a passion and not a way to become rich.

Surround yourself with entrepreneurs so that you can always talk to people who understand you.

The key is to think about "how to market? "because you can have the best product in the world without being able to sell it.

Adrien and Lucien Perrottet, respectively CEO and Director of BodySport