adidas Running launches Ultra Boost X – Sports Marketing

Today, in San Francisco, adidas Running presented the latest version of its now-iconic foot, the Ultra Boost, in its dedicated women's version to a world of international journalists to offer them the best running experience in the world. dated. The shoe, the UltraBOOST X, is the top of the performance shoe at adidas, adapted to the unique shape of the female foot, like its predecessor, the PureBoostX.

The shoe is designed to reflect the natural silhouette of the foot for improved performance for the female runner. ARAMIS, a motion tracking technology that allows detailed analysis of body movement, has been used to allow adidas innovation teams to see exactly where the runners need the most support and where their foot has been. need space for natural expansion. This process led to the unique design of the UltraBOOST X shoe.

A distinctive and adaptive bow has been introduced to this shoe, to accommodate the midfoot and Primeknit technology, which effortlessly adapts to the changing shape of the foot throughout the race. The Primeknit construction wraps the arch of the foot and provides extra support, with a pattern in the foot area more open to give better breathability. In addition, the heel of the UltraBOOSTX features a new narrower design, suitable for a female heel to provide support while allowing movement for a freer run.

The full-length 100% BOOST midsole provides the best fuel efficiency in the industry regardless of the temperature at which the shoe is used. The Continental 4-way stretch rubber outsole is designed for a feminine gait and offers good traction for urban running, in any conditions.

UltraBoostX laydown
UltraBoostX laydown

André Maestrini, Managing Director adidas Running, said: " Based on ARAMIS's knowledge of the female foot, we have adapted cutting-edge UltraBOOST technology specifically for women, providing the most innovative and technical running shoe in an industry-leading silhouette. We are excited to offer the unique experience to female runners around the world, providing the tools for them to elevate their race. "

"Whether it's getting out of bed and doing a run at 5:30 am or trying to break his 10km record on his favorite course, the UltraBoostX will give him the confidence to break his personal barriers and his own goals," reads the press release. press of the mark.

The UltraBOOST X shoe comes with a range of running apparel, including a Primeknit Tee-Shirt, double layer shorts, leggings and a vest. The collection is designed to coordinate with the unique shoe design, while working in harmony with the body and the running environment.