Adidas inaugurates its new running Ultra …

For its new Ultra BOOST running sneakers, adidas has seen the big picture. On February 21, 2015, the German sports equipment manufacturer is organizing the final of a special competition. The best runners from ten Parisian districts involved in the adidas Boost Battle Run will participate in the final of this competition dedicated to running. 3,000 spectators, 6 races proposed on a track of 266 meters long, and diffused on 3 giant screens will determine the winning district after 9 months of competition.

6,000 runners

More than 6,000 runners have participated in the competition since its launch in March 2014. The Boost Battle Run brings together 10 communities of urban runners, who clashed on the streets of Paris and on social networks. From Pigalle to Jaurès via Odéon, Batignolles and République, each group, identified by a coat of arms created especially by the graphic designer Franck Pellegrino, took the streets of Paris during weekly races before winning his ticket for the final.

Race inspired by the Palio of Siena

The event is inspired by the Palio of Siena, Italy, a very dangerous horse racing race in which 10 riders and their mounts each represent one of the 17 districts of the Tuscan city.

The Adidas Ultra BOOST will be available on the adidas website as of February 11, 2015, and at adidas performance stores and exclusive distributors as of February 25, at a public price of 180 euros.

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