A sponsored publication on Instagram costs an average of $ 300

Until a few years ago, social networks were an affordable way to reach new customers, gain notoriety and commitment. Today, things have changed and they are real advertising channels with operations and marketing campaigns rather expensive. The social network Instagram has experienced a strong development in recent months. Now, the commitment is decreasing and the costs of social marketing are increasing. The promotion of a brand, a product, a service or a destination goes through the so-called influencers. These bloggers, ambassadors, experts … represent an important lever in specific communities, even true niches.

Influencer marketing has enabled well-known users to put their work to the service of companies to create not just engagement, but sales. Influencers have made themselves indispensable and, on the Instagram platform, the cost of influence is exploding.

According to influence.co, the average price per publication by an influencer is about $ 300. Finally, this amount can vary considerably depending on the chosen influencer and the target community. As the study indicates, fashion costs the most expensive with $ 434 per sponsored post, followed by the $ 385 photo of the kitchen at $ 326. Publications on music ($ 201) and lifestyle ($ 172) cost on average less.

In terms of audience, it is fashion and fitness that account for the most subscribers, with respectively averages of 141,563 and 131,625 followers.

On the influencer side, it would seem that men are more expensive than women, but overall, the most influential people – that is, with over 100,000 followers – can earn nearly $ 800 per publication. . At another level, influencers with 1,000 subscribers can get $ 100 for a sponsored post.

Important point raised by influence.co, popularity and commitment have opposite effects. People with fewer subscribers are generally more engaged with their audience.

Admittedly, the audience is important for a brand, but the quality of the message is paramount. To be influential or remain so, the number of subscribers counts, but that's not the only parameter to take into account. To be effective, both with the public and professionals, authenticity and style prevail. For photography, we must find the rare pearl and offer quality images.

The market for influencers continues to grow and brands are always looking for a big budget.