a fame thanks to Instagram

Developing her business through social networks, Shanty Baehrel did it. This producer of shortbread cookies with personalized message started in her apartment in 2013 to prepare up to 300 cookies a day. Today, it produces between 4000 and 15000 per day in a workshop in Pertuis where it has been since 2015 and still reaches its limit. "When I started I did not really know how to make myself known. I thought that what's in my reach is Facebook Instagram »says Shanty.

Shanty: the cult cookie "I'm leaving you"

One day, a person places an order of cookies stamped "I leave you" to announce his break. The track of the social network is the good one. Shanty posts the cookies on Instagram and creates the buzz. The snapshot is shared on the Internet and is the subject of articles in the press: it becomes viral. "Still today it's still the iconic biscuit"Shanty points out.

"From there I found my editorial line. Every morning I post a photo of a cookie with a message in a daily situation, a message that you would not necessarily think of writing on a cookie. The "stories" have also arrived and thanks to them I was able to talk to people face IPhone by showing behind the scenes. People knew our products but not necessarily our story. We did not want to take the lead and finally people are a little with us ". All the small team – less than 10 employees – of Shanty Biscuits federates the shantyvores with contests or humorous videos.

Touching 5 star hotels via Instagram

For her communication to the pros, Shanty also uses social networks. "I did not know how to contact five-star hotels, I tried to call them or send them emails to explain the concept, it was impossible. And so I told myself that I was going to solicit them on Instagram », she recalls.

Air France, LVMH or the Galeries Lafayette are calling on Shanty Biscuits. Its strategy is aimed at businesses even if it is also aimed at individuals. "Everyone is working somewhere and I think that by touching individuals we touch businesses"she develops.

Now that Shanty Biscuits is growing, her designer has been able to dedicate a marketing budget. She decided to tackle Facebook to target specific people. "We did a campaign for weddings in August and it has tripled the number of orders for this category! "exclaims Shanty. "We went through Campaign (a marketing organization) two months ago. Facebook's traffic accounts for 15% of turnover over two months, doubling the recurrence of customers and increasing by 70% the rate of visits converted on the site ».