6 networks of women to boost their career

Unfortunately, we know that being a woman can still be a handicap for changing one's professional life. Faced with this revolting fact: women's networks have been created to give them the opportunity to share their professional experiences and find together good practices to overcome these obstacles and move forward together in their professional project.

Emmanuelle Gagliardi *, associate director of the CONNECTING WoMEN agency, advises us on six types of networks useful to help you in your career.

The six types of professional networks for women

  • School networks

School networks are part of the most popular women's networks: "ESSEC for women, Polytechnique for women, Dauphine for women, Sciences po, Supélec … All these networks of schools or universities are created by former students for to help one another, but also to warn new graduates that the female career is not a long calm river, and that there will be disparities with their male counterparts "explains Emmanuelle Gagliardi.

Example: among these large women's networks, there is of course that of HEC: "Created in 2001, it is very active network, reserved for members of HEC but which opens more and more to others".

  • Networks by sectors

These networks are classified by sector: one can find networks in the digital, in the tourism, in the sector of the beauty or the cosmetics, the automobile, the administrative …

Example: in terms of networks, the digital world becomes particularly powerful, as Emmanuelle Gagliardi explains: "The Girls in tech ** network, created by Roxanne Varza in 2010 is a very active network that gives a lot to its members . It's the French branch of an international network, with several thousand women around the world. "

  • Networks by profession

There are also networks classified according to the profession, for the lawyers, the experts, the accountants, the doctors …

Example: "The Women Engineers Network is a very good network, especially since we really need more women in this field. Today there are less than 25% of graduates in engineering schools ".

  • Business networks

All companies do not yet offer internal networks, but they are already very present in most large structures. "Engie, EDF, Orange, Societe Generale, BNP, all these big boxes create internal networks to help women take responsibility. These networks have exploded because big companies realize that if gender diversity is a performance criterion, having very few women in management positions can be detrimental to them.

In addition, the Ministry of Women's Rights draws up a list each year of the companies that are the most feminized and highlight women. In this list, the presence of a network of women within the company is one of the criteria, "explains Emmanuelle Gagliardi.

Example: SNCF au féminin, created 5 years ago, today has more than 5000 members. "They offer workshops on how to ask for a salary increase, how to exceed this ceiling where we all stagnate at age 40, there is also a lot of work done on the balance of life time".

  • Cross-cutting networks

Regardless of my sector, my profession, I can join a network of transversal women who will help me in my career.

Example: that I am engineer, journalist or coder in an SME, there are networks ready to welcome me: "PWN, Professional Women's Network, is an international network, created at the base by English people who worked in France. Seeking your mentor, having confidence in yourself, being visible is a network with a sure value, "continues Emmanuelle Gagliardi.

Around the age of 40, many women feel stuck in their work and, to continue to evolve, turn to entrepreneurship: "There is a real entrepreneurship boom, many new networks have been created to support them".

Example: a network created in Lyon in 1994: "Action'Elles is a very good network that boosts women and accompanies them in their creation of boxes, and this at all stages."

The directory of women's networks

To help women throughout France found the network that can help them and support them in their professional project, marieclaire.fr has set up a directory of women's professional networks (and mixed) that list all the free networks in France. according to their region and their specialties. More than seventy free networks, accessible everywhere in France, are registered in this directory.

* www.connectingwomen.fr.

** Girls In Tech network is now called StartHer