5 tips to stop losing money with Facebook Ads

Nobody likes to lose money, does it? However, Facebook and Google, both giants of online advertising, abuse of millions of entrepreneurs under the guise of a "beginners' coaching" when creating advertising content via their network: Search and Display (advertising on the search engine and advertising on the Google network) and the Facebook advertising network (Facebook Ads Network, Instagram and various related applications delivering advertisements, Messenger for example recently) …

With each new advertisement created, I am thinking the same way: SMEs and entrepreneurs tempted by online advertising, without warning, will lose phenomenal amounts of money. Adwords and Facebook Ads online advertising software accelerates this situation by:

  • Encouraging you to create ready-made advertising (pre-programmed, pre-scored)
  • By preconfiguring your ads without any significant optimization.

We want our ads to be as optimized as possible to offer the best return on investment. Everyone will want to spend less, spend better, and cherry on the cake or cupcake, earn money. All with a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

That's why I allow myself, after several hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on Facebook and some beautiful years of experience, to give you these little tips to follow without delay.

1- Never use a call to action button to create an advertisement

Whether here:

Facebook Boost your publication

Right here :

promote your website Facebook

Or here:

cta fbads

We must never, ever, click on these incentive buttons (named Call to Action, Call to Action) to create its advertisements.

Whether it's the purpose, the structure or the future content of your advertising, absolutely nothing is optimized, thoughtful, everything is automated. In other words, DO NOT DO THAT, you will lose money.

2 – Using the Power EDITOR

2nd tip, already stated in our article: http://vincentdrouin.net/2016/03/16/publicite-facebook-5-trucs/, it is absolutely essential, and I allow myself to insist, because it is really easy do not use this interface to manage your Facebook ads, to use the Power Editor.

It is located in your tab at the top left of your Facebook business manager (Business Manager). If you do not have a manager, you must create one. It's as simple as that.

The Power Editor is a safer, more efficient, more ergonomic workspace that allows you to test, duplicate and administer with greater control. There is absolutely no argument for not using it when creating your first ad.

If some accounts have now migrated to a new interface, this tool (if available on your account) is required.

3 – Mastering the purpose of your Facebook advertising

If you want to advertise on Facebookit is very important to understand the concept of purpose and to understand what a relevant goal is.

Is it relevant in 2017 to acquire a like even if your users do not interact with your pages?

Is it relevant to send your users to your home page when it only shows your business and not a particular service or product?

Is it relevant to send users to your online store when you can present the exact product users need by selecting the right audience?

Is it relevant to select a goal as a click to the website when you want to make sales?

Thinking about the goal is crucial if you want to achieve a specific goal, registration or sale. It's a pretty complex part of getting started, but avoiding the Calls to Action presented above, you should eliminate the risks of unproductive, wasteful and unnecessary campaigns.

  • For the visibility, preferably choose the lens Post Engagement, a post with potential for virality, dealing with a problem that your company is helping to solve;
  • For a sale, choose preferably conversions, for a sponsored post presenting your product, or a commercial advertisement;
  • For a registration to your email list, prefer Lead generation ;
  • For the sites e-commerce, test the Product catalog sales in addition to the sale of your "best sellers" via the lens Conversions.

Except for a particular reason, and therefore controlled strategies of diffusion and visibility of the mark, the Brand Awareness, Traffic or Page Likes.

4 – Mastering the diffusion of sound Facebook Ad in each ad group

Once again, to simplify your task or to make more money on the back of your small business, Facebook directly optimizes the distribution of your advertisements on all the spaces available on its advertising network. Wrong!

Facebook, in its grandeur of soul, dares to recommend the automatic placement and configures it by default.

automated placement recommended

Gold, you have to control the advertising slots, demographics, behaviors and interests or links of your audience accurately. And this mastery goes through a good management of the advertising group (ad set).

Behind Facebook Ads, there is an algorithm. One of its principles is based on the quality of your ad. The quality of this ad is directly related to the interaction of users with it.

Broadcasting on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook advertising network) leads to a broadcast to different audiences (my grandmother is on Facebook, she is not yet on IG, I do not react to advertising in the same way on IG and on Facebook) and a different behavior that will affect the rate of interaction with your ad and thus its quality level of your ad.

We will prefer to divide its advertising groups for each desired location, and it will be seen that FB and IG bring different results or that it is often better to opt for an advertisement on the newsfeed rather than on the right-hand column.

We will advocate the rule to a group, a location (the same rule applies for the interests, an advertising group, a single and unique interest selected in order to know for which interests or pages our advertising works).

We observe, for our part and generally, better results on the news feed (Feeds).

5- Start with very small amounts for each Ad Set, each advertising group

Go what, spend $ 20 at least for your advertising group, suggest us Facebook. Would not it be more relevant to put in a smaller amount and wait to see how users interact and enjoy our content before spending our entire budget?

automatic expenditures facebook ads

It is recommended not to keep the default amount, but an amount of around $ 5 for each advertising group. We will wait to exceed a few thousand impressions before increasing the budgets of our successful groups or stop them, to duplicate them to subtly modify the targeting.

It will also be remembered that the algorithm that manages the delivery of your ads needs time to find the most sensitive audience for your ads, it needs time to be optimized at the best cost per click, interaction, conversion and lead possible.

The price of Facebook advertising can be expensive if you do not follow the small tips above

Indeed, the cost of Facebook advertising is directly related to the quality of your ad and the level of competition. In this context, the mastery of each level of advertising, campaign and choice of purpose, group and placement and demographic data (and banner advertising, video and content) must be adjusted to perfection and not be left to random settings by default or ubiquitous Facebook incentives.

Good luck with your optimization and your online campaigns. In your turn, tell us about your other tips for not losing money with Facebook advertising, there is still so much advice to give to make your campaigns profitable! I look forward to hearing from you.