10 tips to improve your youtube channel in your business!

Do you have a YouTube channel and you post videos regularly? The time you spend creating your videos is not important. If you do not promote your videos and YouTube channel, your work will never be seen by the majority of your target audience. But with a little discipline, you can already give a boost of visibility to your videos. The tips I'm going to give you work for most audiences you want to touch …

1. Choose a good YouTube video title

Yes … You have to think about SEO. The title of a YouTube video also has to be a concept that you can share, remember and want to see.

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Here are some tips for writing a effective YouTube video title (you can of course only use a few of them in your title):

  • Keep the title short;
  • Add the year (eg: best YouTube videos 2017);
  • Include keywords in the beginning of the title;
  • Use powerful "putaclic" words (eg, Best, Fantastic, Amazing, etc.);
  • Use words that trigger the emotion (Ex: Rageant, Censured, etc.).

2. Use YouTube video tags

One of the biggest mistakes that keep a YouTube channel from growing is the misuse of youtube tags.

Here are some tips for your video tags:

  • Use your own name as a tag. Ex: "yourfamilyfriend". (This will make more of your videos appear in the suggested videos);
  • Use the main keyword of his video as a tag;
  • Use variations of your keyword provided by self-complete searches (what appears when you type a keyword in the YouTube search bar);
  • Use the same tags as videos that look like yours and are already well positioned.

3. Create unique YouTube thumbnails

Your YouTube thumbnails help you create a unique, instantly recognizable style.

Here are some tips for your YouTube thumbnail:

  • Make YouTube thumbnails with a resolution of 1280px x 720px;
  • Choose an image format of type .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG (be careful, YouTube limits the size of an image to 2mo).

There are a few tips that you can apply to make your YouTube channel look more "like":

  • Create a small YouTube intro: a small sequence of intro of 3 or 5 seconds allows to put in the emotional atmosphere of your chain;
  • A closing video: Show videos related to the one the audience has just seen, or to have more compared to what she has just seen. The end can also possibly be used to ask to join your channel or your social networks.

5. Share your YouTube videos on social networks

Share on social networks, you know, we will not come back. If your video is good, well done, if it touches your target audience, it will be shared.

However, this is important: always share your videos on the same day of the week, and at the same time (this creates a habit and a desire to see your new videos, as for the addiction of a TV series that will pass on a specific day each week).

6. Start a blog or site around your YouTube channel

It is always interesting to have a site where you can list and integrate all the content you have created on a page … In this way, people can spend time and watch all your videos as a result (which is fine sure to boost the positioning of your videos).

7. Create a playlist or add the videos to an existing playlist

A YouTube playlist is a good way to gain views to your existing videos. When you upload a video, send it to a playlist (with your videos, or even those of others, it will also bring you additional views if someone falls on you from a playlist).

If you've never created a YouTube playlist yet, here are some tips:

  1. Give a playlist name that makes sense by including a keyword. Ex: "The most beautiful goals of 2017", here the keyword is more beautiful goal, and 2017 assumes a concept, value added to your playlist;
  2. Add a description to your playlists with lots of keywords;
  3. Link a video to multiple playlists.

Playlists also appear in YouTube searches. Also think about what your users will type, for example: "French song playlist", or something less obvious like "the funniest youtubeurs".

Of course, you are included in it because you are clever, or you ask your friends to do it on their own account.

8. Use incentives to action

The best way to get someone to act is not to ask for something, that's why I'm talking about incentives and not calls to action. Do not ask your audience to kiss and to commune with you. Show in your videos some attractive elements that will make you want to do it without you having to ask anything. You can also use the negative approach that works sometimes. Tell your viewers not to subscribe or share your videos, it will tickle their imagination and they will subscribe by provocation.

Do not read more about this article …

9. Involve influential youtubers in your domain

This is the fastest way to be known. I've already seen people go from 50 to 3000 subscribers in just 5 hours just because they made a video with an influential youtubeur.

10. Follow the tips for YouTube creators

We do not necessarily think about it, however, it is a very rich and useful tool. You will discover lots of good tips that have worked for youtubeurs already known. It's here>.

And if you want to go further and take off faster, you also have the opportunity to advertise YouTube right here using this explanatory article.

Come on, play it now!