10 successful digital campaigns that boosted Christmas sales in catering in 2016

Contrary to what one might think, the holidays, especially Christmas, are a good time for fast food and snacking in particular. A deposit of activity in which some restaurateurs have been inspired to lead real successful webmarketing campaigns. How to take advantage of this opportunity to bring customers to you? We chose to retain 10 initiatives that caught the attention of consumers and largely paid off.

The famous Christmas spirit blows and floods all generations, from the smallest to the largest, always with the same festive sensation. Amazon has seen its sales increase by 10% and 72% of its sales were even made on mobile this year, it is unprecedented! A great opportunity to communicate with its consumers and to look for new ones during this period of incomparable flow where the purchase of impulse is more than ever present. Who says customer in a hurry says customer snacking!

Some have understood and went to meet their fans determined to make this moment of rush a real opportunity to rethink and adapt their communication accordingly!

/ 1 / the operation #pulldenoel: KFC, Burger King and Bagel Corner

The famous Christmas sweater has become legendary! You know, the famous sweater offered by Granny, warm enough not to catch cold winter?

That's how Burger King, Rad and Buzzann, well aware of the buzz of Christmas sweater on social networks – and particularly Instagram – imagined this sweater with flames in (the mobile), because at Burger King, the piece of beef goes to the flame …

Same process used by KFC (He was born the divine chicken) …

and Bagel Corner (Papa Bagel …): at these brands, jumpers are to be won by coming to consume … A good way to attract consumers at home and proudly convey its brand during this unifying event …

/ 2 / Nescafe: a moment of music together … at Christmas

For Christmas, NESCAFÉ has ​​set up a surprising installation in Japan. To promote his "Nescafe Goldblend Barista", the famous brand of coffee had the idea to develop a giant musical instrument and connected to a coffee machine while giving an appointment to its fans on social networks.

This instrument takes the form of a cup of coffee. It consists of 1,450 removable pieces that interact with a coffee machine. Thus, when customers order a coffee, a small music will be played in real time on this giant instrument. A beautiful installation that allows the brand to offer its consumers a magical moment that fits perfectly with the spirit of Christmas.

/ 3 / Big Fernand and François-Xavier Demaison Raise € 37,778 for Institut Gustave Roussy

Christmas day is not the best day of the year in the restaurant, everyone is in family this particular day. On the other hand, before, in full rush, the opportunities can be seized and a project of solidarity (it is also the period) can make the difference. This is how the brand Big Fernand and the artist François-Xavier Demaison associated with an ephemeral burger, the "François-Xavier" sold 12 € from 19 to 23 December throughout the network of the brand. This operation generated the sale of 3,148 burgers and attracted many more customers to the brand while raising € 37,778 for the Institut Gustave Roussy to fight against cancer.

/ 4 / Bioburger invites itself into the kitchens of its fans

To close its doors for work during the holidays, it is much too hard to wait when one is fan. In order to manage this "lack" for the duration of the works, BioBurger has imagined an original alternative: go cook the favorite burgers of its customers, directly at home. Yes Yes ! Called #BBOCV (* BioBurgerOuvreChezVous), the operation invites brand customers to share a photo of their kitchen on the BioBurger Facebook page by tagging their guest list. With a winner selected each evening until the end of the work, the brand is waiting for its fans until the reopening of the restaurants scheduled for January 6, 2017. An operation orchestrated by the WOM agency to strengthen the emotional relationship between its fans and brand and bring them back after the work …

/ 5 / Optimiam + Stuart launch #optiboxsolidaire for the elderly

Every year more than 10 million tons of food are thrown away. That's 20 kilos a year and French. As Christmas approaches, this waste explodes and gives us, rightly, an even worse conscience. OptiMiam (an app that allows local businesses to sell their surplus on time thanks to geolocated flashes) and Stuart (courier platform) combine to allow people in need to enjoy hot meals during the holiday season. During the three weeks before Christmas, OptiMiam users offer anti-waste meals directly through the app. These meals are delivered by Stuart bicycle couriers to an OptiMiam partner association that helps elderly people in precarious and excluded situations, particularly isolated at the approach of the Christmas period. The result: 200 meals for grateful seniors and a surplus of Optimiam app users and restaurateurs.

/ 6 / It's time with Allo Resto and Franprix, December 21st

Do not worry about shopping for Christmas? It's possible with code it's time by creating greedy moments for its customers. Happy Hour from 5 pm to 7 pm, only available on the Allo Resto app with a 10% discount, and especially announce its partnership with Franprix on December 21st, to save time by having your purchases delivered directly.

A good way to make yourself unavoidable at this crucial moment and to counter the Amazon Prime Now offensive …

/ 7 / Create a greedy Advent calendar by Bagel Corner

How to create a flow in this period of purchase and frenzy? By creating an Advent calendar! Every day, discover a gift Bagel Corner, a gift hidden at the foot of the tree and attract customers at home. It is a good way to boost the entire network while thanking its fans for their loyalty, at a lower cost while respecting the spirit of Christmas.

/ 8 / The mie Câline goes to meet remote territories with its foodtruck.

No La Mie Câline in the Creuse? Mie Câline comes to you! Orchestrated on social networks, Astrid and Héloïse travel the most remote regions and meet the inhabitants to offer their products for 3 days. Who said that the nomadic restoration was not fun? A good way to know the tastes of consumers and bring them a less marketing and less Parisian vision of his brand … And harvest, at the same time, data to better exploit its future locations! See the tour of the Creuse in 3 days …

/ 9 / #SOSBATTERY with Stuart

Christmas is also the period of toys … that do not work … because the batteries are not provided and shouting, crying and howling children punctuate our family meals because of such frustration. In order to make a MUST for consumers, Stuart, the bike delivery specialist creates SOS BATTERIE to save you … And to be able to better remember you when it comes to delivering a meal. Certainly, you will tell me, Stuart operates other sectors than his core business. But does not the brand need to exist by itself and establish relationships with its users? It is by listening to its market but also the concern of the latter that such projects can see the light of day!

/ 10 / An Event App for the Angel Bakery

Removing logs, bread at Christmas is just hell and, after 20 to 30 minutes of tail, your favorite log is no longer available. A waste of unnecessary time when you need it most. The bakery Angel has understood and takes the opportunity to launch its online ordering application, the famous click and collect, December 20, when peak attendance is at its highest! A good way to organize your production upstream and manage your in-store flow while rendering service. The best opportunity to bring your application into use!

Christmas, the winter sales, summer sales, but also the sandwich party, among others, are part of these events that must not be neglected in order to propose winning animations that will allow you to unite your community, capitalize on your image and your notoriety. But they also convert your customers and achieve your marketing goals.

These animations also allow you to stand out from the competition by bringing an emotional experience with your fans and conquering new ones. These examples are the best proof.

It is also by developing playful, magical devices, in tune with the Christmas tradition, that they knew how to radiate and make vital their communication and acquire new users.

Finally, and to finish today (and almost as always), do not forget that the more digital is present in our daily life, the greater the physical experience via our five senses is important, which is reassuring when it comes to making pleasure and receiving each day!

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