10 Success Factors for an Automated Marketing Campaign

tunnel conversion Marketing Automation is not just about automation. Here are 10 factors to work in your own marketing strategy

A true strategy to simplify and reduce its marketing investments, Marketing Automation goes beyond the design of newsletters: it becomes an indispensable tool to manage the entire deployment of programs or marketing campaigns and not just online. "Automated", but not only!

Marketing Automation is not just about automation. The tools that have appeared in recent years are shaking up the way to promote, much less "push" and much more "pull", an inbound marketing intended to attract the target, that's the big transformation. Indeed, a successful campaign passes through tunnels conversion developed and thought upstream to best address its target. By automating, we segment, we tell stories to his audience, we motivate interactions, commitment … In short, we converts effectively by attracting prospects by what they seek.

10 factors therefore, to work in your own marketing strategy.

Which prospects are targeted, which "ideal client" is targeted?

The approximation does not work to reach its target and aim is the result of a long preparation in relation to the profiles of customers. Indeed, the knowledge of prospects is the first step in a successful and optimal Marketing Automation strategy …

The buyer persona is the master concept at this stage, it is to study the behaviors of customer profiles to define 3 or 4 on which to focus its strategy and segment to increase the personalization and the engagement of the contacts.

It is true that all messages are not equal, and without falling into the umpteenth recommendation in the form of archetype that would encourage you to be innovative with a "think outside the box". It is more useful to focus on a long-term vision on which to support its editorial strategy. How to address his target? What story to tell him? Use the you, the infinitive?

In short, the real advice is to build an impact story-telling and adjust it to your communication. A choice must be made that will represent the brand with format, style, content and communication.

In line with story-telling and inbound marketing, the editorial and content strategy offers, with data, the raw material necessary for automated marketing. The content must be compatible with the story-telling chosen, be impactful and in line with the needs of the targets. The prospects to which the content is directed are the ones who will search for them on the search engines, these are all people who are sufficiently interested to click on the content by browsing on a website or a social network. Content marketing is the basis of a "pull" strategy that attracts customers to its store: the audience will find content hosted on a blog, a social network or a forum published on an information media. The goal remains to encourage the audience to go even further with qualitative content (articles, videos, computer graphics, etc.).

The content must convert, here is why the "Call To Action" is paramount. A link to an offer, a product: it is also a way to return to a landing page to retrieve data on a prospect including B2B. It should preferably be inserted at the end of the content without being clearly commercial. We will prefer the advice, the recommendation or a relative content.

Once the Call To Action is integrated, the Landing Page is the last step towards collecting leads. A simple form and a description of the content to which the page is referred are the basics. Nevertheless, the infographic below brings many ideas to optimize a Landing Page and improve its conversion rate.

Landing Perfect Page

Finally master social networks with the right tools from a Marketing Automation platform. Measure engagement and study community interactions with brand publications. Social CRM also makes it possible to enrich the data coming from the qualified contacts with the interactions of the contacts with the social contents. A better qualified audience that a brand can listen to from their favorite social networks. This is the opportunity to grasp with the solutions of Social CRM. The couple Twitter and CRM is a recurring example to discover in this article.

By defining lead profiles, we can create conversion funnels specific to each type of prospect. The "buyer persona", a customer profile concept, represents an archetype of prospect on which its content is oriented. By choosing 4 to 5 profiles of "buyer personae", a brand can develop specific content dedicated to certain profiles and increase the commercial impact of these contents.

Personalized newsletters based on age, geographical location, or the type of business, in short automatic mailings triggered according to the interactions of a user and information collected. These are the possibilities offered by segmentation to create an automated and unique experience for the different audiences targeted.

<img class = "full-size-wp-image-40484″ alt=”Roland Koltchakian, Business Development Manager at Oracle Marketing Cloud” src=”http://www.marketing-professionnel.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Roland-Koltchakian.jpg” width=”230″ height=”196″/>

Roland Koltchakian, Business Development Manager at Oracle Marketing Cloud

More channels of communication is obviously more ways to grab leads. Organizing your communication to be present with a maximum of prospects on different media is essential.

Automated marketing also supports support for sharing and viral marketing. Far from being reduced to simple robotized posts, the Marketing Automation tools allow a precise parameterization to introduce, publish at the key moment and reach an audience by respecting the codes and practices of the social networks. Custom automated publications for Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest are great ways to reach your target and diversify your goals.

If segmentation allows to multiply conversion tunnels to match the needs of different types of leads, a lead that leaves the loop without being restarted is a lost opportunity. With a well integrated recycling, prospects come back in the loop to optimize their chances of conversion and loyalty, the goal is to keep the lead within a continuous cycle to gradually refine the qualification of a contact by following its interactions over time (see headboard illustration).

This diagram makes it possible to visualize the logic, the contacts left the sales tunnel are reintegrated upstream to ensure a process of lead nurturing and requalify them to bring the best answer to the needs of each prospect.

We understand how Marketing Automation can acquire more qualified leads: great opportunities to attract an audience and generate conversion … But how to fully involve sales forces? Simply by integrating Marketing Automation solutions into the platforms of its CRM solution, whether it is Saas or not, Marketing can be automated by relying on it. I recommend this white paper dedicated to the automation of marketing processes to go further on the integration and automation possibilities with your CRM.

Synchronized and accessible information for the sales force: we can finally hope to see the marketing and commercial functions reconciled in the interest of the company. With marketers involved in the conversion tunnel, we can aim at integrating the objectives of sales and marketing. Lead scoring is a flagship concept of Marketing Automation to improve the quality of leads at the end of the tunnel: the sales force gets qualified prospects: they work with the right information and are able to address the leads with the right speech and the adapted commercial offer.

Author : Roland Koltchakian, Business Development Manager at Oracle Marketing Cloud


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