▷ The secret of a 100% winning marketing strategy

Dear friends, it's time to put an end to your strategic wanderings. A 100% winning marketing strategy is based on a perfect knowledge of its market (its company, its competitors, its audience, etc …). Today, knowledge of a market often goes through data analysis. Solid and concrete data: this is exactly what the report says Meltwater Pulse

Issued right in your inbox, it's a service of reporting which is aimed at communication professionals wishing toimprove their strategy through a periodic analysis of their results. A Meltwater Pulse report allows you to:

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1 – Measure the mentions

Any good strategist must measure his results to make – even – better the next time. By discovering the number of times you have been mentioned in the press – and especially by whom – you can expand your address book and build new relationships with journalists and influencers who have mentioned you.

2 – Understanding the geographical dispersion

Imagine that you sell umbrellas on the French market. Maybe we are talking about you in the UK and Ireland (which – without sinking into the clichés – are interesting markets in terms of umbrella sales)? If so, perhaps you could consider investing in these markets. The idea is to discover where we are talking about you in the world, whether in the press and / or on social media.

3 – Discovering the tone

We are talking about you, great! Is it good? To take the example of umbrellas, if you say the good of your brand in a foreign market, this is an opportunity to study the possibilities of penetration in this market. If it's bad, focus on the negative comments and go back to the source of the problem to fix it. Note that the Meltwater Pulse Report also allows you to compare the tone around your business and that of your competitors over time.

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Ask for your Meltwater Pulse Test Report!

4 – Encrypt his bring

Time is money ! You spend all of your time creating value for your business. It is high time to measure this value! You can discover the monetary equivalent of your media coverage (I discussed it in more detail in another blog post on Webmarketing & Co'm). An ultimate weapon to justify your programs to your management.

5 – Discover if the neighbor's grass is greener

In 2015, no need to send spies to your competitors to break through their strategy. Today, you can discover their strategy online using a watch tool. Where do they appear in the press? Who mention them on social media? How? By comparing your results to those of your competitors over a given period, you will learn from their successes and failures to consolidate your own strategy.

I will end this blog post with a quote from Michael Porter – that there is no need to present: " The essence of the strategy is the choice to perform its activities in a different way than its competitors". Meltwater Pulse allows you to put your finger on this exclusive strategy and different from that of your competitors by providing you with crucial data.

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