▷ Startup, TPE, PME: 7 tips to boost your business

How to build the reputation of your company, strengthen its credibility with your business and institutional partners or attract the attention of new customers? Summer is the perfect time to rethink your brand, develop your strategy and bring something new to it all. Here are 7 tips that will help you boost your business for the fall season …

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Refresh your brand

It is always difficult to apprehend the summer period for a contractor. As the activity is kept to a minimum, it may be time to get into the changes you've always postponed. If you have not done so already, you can create a new logo for your business to be easily recognizable and evolve your visual identity to meet a demand that may have evolved. This will allow you at the same time to decline your logo on new media to reach new customers.

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Appeal to the novelty

Challenge your work methods by finding a more effective and faster way to accomplish your goals. Is there a new tool that will allow me to do better in less time? Are there new media that would allow me to better convey my brand image? It's off the beaten track that you find what you need. Why not use Evernote to quickly manage your notes by embedding photos or voice recordings; create an account on Hootsuite to animate and synchronize all your social networks; or install Slack to facilitate communication within your company … Be up to date on new technologies and new Web services that will boost your productivity.

Take care of your community

"Ah! When I tell you about me, I'm talking to you about you. How do not you feel it? "Said Victor Hugo. Your users will not always make this shortcut. Vary your messages on social networks and do not talk about yourself. Share information that will inspire your community, make them want to know more. Ask her questions, ask her opinion, reveal stories or successes of your clients, so she feels involved and loved. Create unique and useful content for your community – through a blog (for example the 99designs blog) or in a newsletter – to increase its attachment to your brand.

99designs Blog
Source: Blog 99designs – Your blog must address your community exclusively and meet its needs

Be where your target is

Be there on social media that can be useful for your business and think about the ones your customers use. Study how your target behaves on the internet and what sites they frequent. This is where you must be. For a company that is immersed in a creative environment for example, it is essential to be present on social platforms centered on the visual like Instagram or Pinterest. This is the best way to show the success of its services.

Show off with your customers

Does a customer praise your service or product? Do not be shy, run the compliment under all roofs: social networks, blogs, communication media, word of mouth … Make these customer testimonials easy to share. They represent an important mark of trust for consumers. You can also create a page on your site that contains positive testimonials you've collected from your customers or include them in a relevant area. For example, you can create a button to allow satisfied customers to send a tweet from their profile.

Do not forget the loyalty

Your customers are precious, do not underestimate them. They can leave and never come back … Keep in mind that retaining a customer is 5 to 10 times cheaper than buying a new one. Invite them to reuse your service using all the tools you have: offer them a sponsorship offer, loyalty points, one-time discounts. Customer loyalty must be an integral part of your strategy: a very satisfied customer speaks to an average of 3 people, while a dissatisfied customer informs 12 others.

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A little daring

When preparing new content (article, video, computer graphics), do not be afraid to go out of the ordinary. Without being extravagant, you have the opportunity to innovate in your messages by combining the useful to the pleasant to make your content as viral as possible. Consider change as a real opportunity!

These tips should keep you busy this summer and help you prepare for the new season with a new look, new offers and a marketing approach that uses the power of the community.