▷ Startup: 6 tips to boost online visibility

It is essential for a startup to have more than just an online presence, but a real visibility. It's not just about appearing regularly, you sometimes even have to create the event. But how to be visible and stand out on the Internet? The answer in 6 points …

1. Look after natural referencing

Whatever the intrinsic quality of your content, SEO remains the nerve of the war to optimize its online presence. Look after the title and the keywords on your startup's website. Try to have a maximum of backlinks, that is to say links that point to your site from other sites, preferably recognized and enjoying high traffic. For this, there are many techniques, including the exchange of articles. A blog that discusses topics you master will benefit from your expertise. Without making a shameless advertisement for your business, you will content yourself with a link associated with your signature.

2. Create a blog with relevant content

Creating a blog is good, it is sometimes essential, but two golden rules apply: it must respond to a request and must offer relevant content and rich enough to attract potential prospects. Search for the most searched keywords in your field and use these keywords to create article topics. Same with your blog name and URL which should contain your main keywords.

There is unfortunately no way to override the requirements of SEO to boost its online visibility, but still be aware that it is ultimately the interest of the theme and the originality of its development that will do everything the difference. As you can see, a fine balance between SEO complacency and content relevance is required.

3. Rely on a real network

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … If you have already managed to make a nice network with real subscribers, knowing who you are and what you do, you can rely on this network to make a real sounding board. For each new event worth telling about your startup, feel free to post. When you create your blog, make your network members your first readers, and get as many comments as you can to expand the circle.

Do not forget that it is the contacts of your contacts who are most likely to become your customers afterwards. Your first circle of trust gives you credibility with these relationships.

4. Become your own press officer

Everyone needs news and information to put in their mouths to produce new content. Feel free to approach journalists and other specialized bloggers with a press kit: paper or virtual, well written and well formatted. If your project is innovative, it will always find a listening ear among good journalists and bloggers at the forefront, who will be happy to relay it in a beautiful effect virtuous circle win-win.

5. Dare the podcast

Increasingly popular, podcasts, audio or video, are a good way to generate backlinks and build audience loyalty. The time spent reading an article may be 5 minutes, while you can really listen to 15 minutes of podcast to someone interested in the subject. Combine them with small animated videos if you do not want to show your head, but think about it. At the time of the YouTube stars, it is essential to appear … or at least to be heard.

How to create a podcast? It's easy: get the correct recording material and follow one of the many tutorials that deal with the issue on the net. Finally find a podcast platform that will host you to be referenced. Be aware that iTunes refers to all audio podcasts, so heal your titles.

6. Being in the mismatch

A startup that does not have a communication a little off the mark, it's like a reality TV candidate without tattoo … it's fishy. Slip on the suit-tie, redo your IRL deco and online, and swing punchlines that surprise your audience and draw sympathy. Launch contests, try to find out more about your followers and prospects, do their utmost to create the most "intimate" relationship possible with them. To make yourself a place in the sun on the net, you really need to be noticed and ideally create friendliness.

About the Author

Living in London and working in the digital marketing sector since the beginning of her career, Aurélie is now a freelance consultant and supports various brands such as the Sepastop online cancellation service.