▷ Startup: 4 tips to quickly increase your notoriety

As a Startup, TPE and SME, you have several options to quickly increase your notoriety. I have listed for you 4 effective and immediate ways to make your brand known …

1. Be active on your social networks

Social networks can be smart tools for building your brand quickly, especially if you're a small business. By deploying an appropriate strategy, it is possible to reach many users quickly for a reduced cost. However, it is essential to invest the time necessary to understand, on the one hand, which social networks to use; and on the other hand, how can these work for you?

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A first tip: the relations on the social networks, like those of the daily newspaper, must be sincere and reciprocal. Be proactive, get in touch with the people you can help, and respond to those who contact you. Show that you are present daily and offer something that brings value. It can be advice, judicious observation, a subtle joke or an encouraging comment. Use your social networks to give a human side to your business and show yourself concerned by the problems that your customers may encounter.

One way to quickly create conversations is to surf the trends of social networks. It's a good way to make your brand known. Schedule regular posts on Twitter, Facebook and other networks like Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, etc., and be sure to use relevant and original hashtags to express your brand's personality. It's up to you to choose the tone you want to borrow: humor, seriousness, controversy … Anything is possible as long as you remain faithful to the values ​​of your brand.

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Here's an example of how 99designs used the Music Festival to animate their Facebook page.

2. Establish partnerships with companies that target the same types of customers

By building relationships with companies, organizations, and / or media that resemble you, you'll be able to communicate more quickly about your brand and share your marketing efforts to maximize your bottom line. For example, if you sell sunglasses, it may be wise to contact a chain of hotels known for its tropical destinations and offer an exchange of visibility.

You can also try to get in touch with public health organizations and offer them information about the importance of sunglasses against ultraviolet radiation. If you do not yet have a customer base large enough to interest this type of partner, offer them exclusive offers that they can pass on to their customers in order to retain them.

3. Cherish your most loyal consumers

Consumers are not only looking to buy, they want to feel that they are part of something unique. By regularly purchasing products of your brand, your most loyal customers express an attachment and support for your brand. It is your turn to provide them with the best level of service possible to comfort them in their decision. By creating a sense of exclusivity, these customers will feel honored to be affiliated with your brand.

For example, you can offer a specific membership program. American Express, which offers green cards, gold or platinum with different specificities, is a perfect example for this kind of program.

By using the same strategies as big companies, you can create your own network with even more personalized solutions, making your customers more satisfied than ever and always eager. The happier a customer is, the more likely he is to talk positively about your brand.

For its loyal customers, American Express offers green, gold and platinum cards "width =" 482 "height =" 182 "srcset =" https://www.webmarketing-com.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10 /Capture-of-screen-2015-10-01-to-11.52.33-450x170.png 450w, https://www.webmarketing-com.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Capture-of screen-2015-10-01-to-11.52.33-696x263.png 696w, https://www.webmarketing-com.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Capture-of-screen-2015-10 -01-to-11.52.33.png 716w "sizes =" (max-width: 482px) 100vw, 482px

Source: American Express

4. Only swear by sharing

Find a way for your customers to share their commitment to your brand. Give them something to win for free. Even the smallest business has something to offer a happy customer – be it a product or some form of public recognition. You can, for example, organize regular quizzes, the opportunity to gather your community around a fun event where they can learn something about you and be rewarded with a prize for their commitment. This generates a natural excitement, a craze, and motivates customers to return to your networks. And why not send them discount coupons? They will be able to use and share them.

To conclude, these four tips will help you boost your notoriety at a lower cost. Do not hesitate to share yours!