▷ Like Facebook: a quick and easy way to get more

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Frequency and quality of the publications, work of the commitment, search of new concepts to animate his page … I suppose that you are like me, you are always in search of tricks to increase the range of your page and the number of likes Facebook. Know that there is a small trick to easily acquire and naturally new mentions I like for his Facebook page. Let's see the whole thing …

I knew this technique for some time but I had unfortunately forgotten it, it is this article of problem that refreshed my memory 🙂

Like Facebook: 3 simple steps to get more

The trick will unfold in three quick steps:

1: find a publication where the number of "likes" has been high. For that, either you go in the statistics of your publications and make a sort by commitment, or you browse your stream in search of a post with strong commitment. The ideal being that the publication is recent, it is better, perhaps, to browse its flow.

2: Once the publication with a strong commitment found, just click on the link indicating the people who like the publication.

3: On the list of people who liked the publication, there will inevitably be some who are not yet fans and in front of these people, an "invite" button will allow you to invite these people to like your page. You know what you have to do: click on each button to invite all "no fans".

This technique has the advantage of allowing you to acquire targeted and committed fans. Indeed, if these, without being connected to your page, have liked one of your publications, there is a good chance that if they become fans, they are engaged.

A video is better than a thousand words, here is the manipulation to perform:

Note that this trick only works with pages of less than 100,000 fans, except for major brands, it leaves the margin. For this to work, you must be logged in from a computer (the mobile version of Facebook does not offer this screen).

According to our tests, between 10 and 25% of the people invited actually like the page. By doing this on a regular basis, this can help grow your community completely free (increasingly rare on Facebook).

And you, did you know this trick? Do you use it already? What are your returns? Tell us all via the comments below!

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