▷ Instagram: all the best practices to optimize your marketing strategy

Initially, simple photo sharing network, Instagram has become over time a nugget of the social web. Today it's one of the most popular star networks, even overshadowing Snapchat among the youngest users (while copying many of their ideas in the process). The major brands have therefore logically engulfed and the openness to advertising allows everyone to promote it. Network "cool" and "trendy" is also a good way to experiment with new marketing approaches and to work on its social image. Only marketing on Instagram can seem daunting at first, because natively integrated tools can be limited. Fortunately, here are some good practices to boost your Instagram marketing …

The glossary of marketing influence

Glossary influence marketingDo you plan to launch a marketing influence campaign? How to create the conditions of trust and success between the brand, its partner, and the influencers? Speaking the same language! It is exactly for this reason that we have embarked on the creation of this Glossary of Marketing Influence. From the "influencer capsule collection" to the "KPI" through the "influencer fit", discover more than 50 definitions around this powerful communication lever.

Essential third-party applications

Using Instagram as a "standalone app" can be a little limited from a marketing point of view. Whether it is to effectively post your content or to measure it, it is often essential to equip yourself with third-party applications that will complete your toolbox. Some examples to test according to your budget, your level of comfort with English and the technicality of certain approaches:

Instagram: all the best practices to optimize your marketing strategy

  • Squarelovin: a kind of very practical and powerful Swiss army knife to measure your analytics and data on Instagram, plus an e-commerce component to work more efficiently on your online social sales.
  • Iconosquare: a tool available in French, specially designed to work in conjunction with Instagram with many in-depth features on your statistics, your activity and your content.
  • Locowise: it's the "Hootsuite" of agencies. A tool for digital marketing agencies who need to optimize their time and work to produce content and measure the impact on social networks. Perfect for working effectively with Instagram (and also with other classic networks) for multiple clients at the same time.
  • Social Rank: Working with Twitter and Instagram, it's a very powerful tool to learn about your subscriber profiles. Social Rank can even analyze shared online information in real time so you can interact with them or build a relevant list of influencers. Note that a free (but limited) version is available.
  • Bit.ly: a good practice for tracking and tracking your links from an Instagram campaign. By customizing your links according to your advertisements, you will know precisely what worked. To use in addition to Google Analytics, since from the Instagram mobile app, the links are not always perfectly tracked.
  • Agorapulse: In addition to all the previous tools, Agorapulse allows you to plan and organize your social presence thanks to an innovative inbox system and simple and accessible statistics.

Post it on Instagram: tools and good practices

To be effective, you have to take the time to acquire good practices. As a reminder, even if Instagram is accessible on computer, it is above all a mobile social network made for mobility. However, if Instagram offers native tools, such as its filters, which have made its popularity, we must recognize that it is sometimes very useful to use, here too, third-party tools.

From your mobile

Whether from a tablet or a phone, some third-party tools will allow you to optimize or enrich your photos before posting them on Instagram. Once your creations are saved on your mobile, it will be easy to share a visual specifically optimized for Instagram with artistic direction and a particular style. Examples:

  • Pablo by Buffer: With a light and fast web interface, Pablo allows you to create free engaging images ready to share on Instagram, without any copyright restrictions. Note that you can also use Pablo to illustrate your blog posts for example. You choose the background image, the filters and the text and you're done.
  • Adobe Spark: a free application to create two-click images perfect to share online. In the same style, we can also mention the well-known Canva, who does the job very well.
  • Photofy: perhaps a little less well-known, it offers similar creative visual features from a mobile without the need for special design skills.

If these tools are very similar in their approach, it is mainly to test them to choose the one with which you are most comfortable in your work according to your daily constraints (budget, material, editorial margin, etc.). )

From your computer

Despite all these solutions and the great performance of our mobile, we must admit that sometimes we may need to work its content differently on Instagram. For example, take real nice pictures with a professional camera, rework his photos in RAW in Lightroom and Photoshop, and then export them in Instagram.

Instagram does not allow to post directly from a computer, you just have to show a little ingenuity. Once your photos are edited, corrected and ready to be shared, simply drag them into a special folder on Google Drive or Dropbox, and then retrieve them from your mobile on the same application previously downloaded to share with Instagram.

The other option is also to use Hootsuite, Buffer or Agorapulse which will remind you, via a notification on your mobile, to post your previously prepared image.

Find the right workflow

Because we're less instant on Instagram than other networks like Facebook or Twitter, we take the time to heal his staging. The community of Instagrammers generally expects neat visuals and images that make sense. You can count 20 to 30 minutes to make a good sharing on Instagram: the time to take the photo, edit it with the right tools, work on the legend and find the relevant hashtags. Obviously, this can be faster if you are experienced, but it must be remembered that quality takes precedence over quantity. It is better to share less, but to share better.

Finally, in terms of publication frequency, there is no universal rule. If you're new to Instagram, you have to say it. You can specify in the biography that this is a new account and that your community can follow you as you grow up. There is not really a perfect pace for a brand. It all depends on your content. One post a day, two a week or three a month can work depending on your goals, your audience and your industry.