▷ How to boost without budget its visibility on Facebook? Reviews from 16 Internet Professionals

Decrease in reach, need to have more and more budget to fill this decline, competition increasingly harder, Edgerank algorithm constantly changing … Today it is not easy, as before, to work on its visibility on Facebook without having an advertising budget. We asked 16 social media marketing professionals how to boost Facebook visibility without having to allocate advertising dollars. Here are their answers rich of lessons …

What do you think is the best way to have good visibility on Facebook when you do not have an advertising budget?

Anne Gros-Daillon, EMEA Social Media Manager, DisneyLand Paris

Anne big daillonThe commitment is the golden rule to enjoy good visibility on Facebook without advertising budget.

Your love affair with SEO starts here

Indeed, with the Facebook algorithm, the commitment generated around a post impacts the visibility of the following post and so on … so always ask yourself if you are relevant to speak on the subject you want to treat and if your content is engaging to improve your long-term visibility:

1- Never post without a photo. The visual is the key to commitment, so take the time to choose it: good quality, preferably square or landscape and colorful.

2- Prefer photos to videos. Facebook is accessed via mobile by 80% of its users, visuals are more easily "consumable" than videos. This will increase your commitment potential.

3- Too much hashtag, kill the hashtag! Use hashtags to capitalize on trends but always sparingly and also to ensure their length … There is no worse than a series of hashtags unreadable to lose your readers, your potential commitment and therefore your visibility.

4 – Feel free to mention your partners @partenaire to enjoy additional visibility on their Facebook pages.

5- Finally, take care of your community. Take the time to respond to comments that may be left on your content. These interactions will be visible to the friends of your Fans and, since we usually surround ourselves with people who are like us, there is a good chance that the friends of your Fans have an interesting profile. You will be able to increase your visibility on "Lookalike" profiles without going through an advertising campaign.

Anne Gros-Daillon, Digital & Social Media Addict, Social Media Manager EMEA. Find it on Linkedin and Twitter @anneg_d

Camille Jourdain, Social Media Manager, 909C / Over-Graph

Camille JourdainTo have good visibility on Facebook, bet on engaging content! Those who will generate interactions on this social network, ie likes, comments and shares. Engaging content will be of quality, it will have a strong added value, it will be informative or entertaining, it will be able to trigger some emotion … But to think about Brand Content's strategy and the future contents to be created will necessarily pass through an analysis of contents already published by the brand. It is indeed essential to measure the performance of the activity of a Facebook page to progress. How? By using adapted solutions.

With a solution like Over-Graph, you can access this performance information. The new reporting tool allows, for example, to generate a Top content based on the different types of interactions (low, medium and strong corresponding to likes, comments and shares) and a Top audiences to know who has interacted with these best content. Users of the solution can also compare the performance of several Facebook pages based on the number of fans, the content broadcast, the engagement rate or the number of interactions generated. Even stronger, these Tops are multi-social networks.

Camille Jourdain is Social Media Manager at 909c and Over-Graph, he's also a blogger on camillejourdain.fr, a lecturer in a business school and author of a book on Twitter. You can find it on Linkedin and Twitter @ camj59

Cyril Attias, Founder of the Social Media Agency

Cyril AttiasThe good news with Facebook is that even without a media budget, you can create a community and be visible as long as you are creative and relevant.

Many brands, known as challengers, have been successful in social media (especially Facebook) by creating effective story telling and being creative about content production.

Example: burger king with the last comment or ikea PS on instagram:

Cyril Attias: 15 years of digital agencies, blogger since 2005, and since 2010, founder of the agency agencedesmediassociaux.com. Pioneering influence marketing and social media strategies. Find it on Linkedin and Twitter @cyril

Djivan Minassian, Co-Founder My Community Manager and Founder Spitak Agency

Djivan Minassian"Doing business without advertising is like looking at a woman in the dark. You know what you are doing, but no one else knows. "Steuart Britt. It is however possible to advertise without budget 🙂

If you do not have good visibility at the beginning, methodically use that of others 😉

Create strategic win-win partnerships with other Facebook pages in your business theme or with blogs: original viral mechanics can take advantage of existing communities and thus gain qualified recruitment and notoriety.

A good knowledge of your environment will allow you to have an adapted community approach.

To get users interested and stand out, create an editorial line adapted to your target. It must be original, include exclusive content, highlight your products, and give the opportunity to your fans and future fans to get involved and become ambassadors.

Trust yourself. Dare. Internet users just want to be surprised by your products.

Djivan Minassian has been working for more than 6 years with SMEs and large groups in the design and implementation of Social Media strategies. He isManager of @MyCommunityMgr & @MyGuerillaMkg, manager of Spitak.fr and professor at Kedge Business School. You can also find it on Linkedin.

Emery Doligé, Media Group Advisor

Emery DoligeOf course having a budget to generate advertising is effective and fast on Facebook, but if you miss all the art is to generate proximity. For this, there are two methods to associate: Exchange and content.

You need to take time to discuss your topics with a small community first and then let the information spread that where you are there is constructive and caring exchange. The word of mouth effect will take. The community will grow. It's like in life. If you want to have friends, you have to be kind, caring and relevant, even impertinent.

The content then. You can create content without budget: write a short note and encourage the exchange on Facebook. You can make a video with the Facebook Live in Mentions. You can take photos … they are simple ways to create content that costs nothing and can show something else about you, your product, your program …

In short, to generate reach without money it takes time and method. Even though time is money, I'm sure you can maximize your time to spend on Facebook.

Emery Doligé, Media Group Advisor. Pataphysician. You can find it on Linkedin, on its website emerydolige.fr or on Twitter @mryemery

Frédéric Canevet, Blogger TipsMarketing.fr

Frederic CanevetWhen you do not have an advertising budget, you have to be creative!

Here are some simple and effective tips:

1 – Use the power of identification on Facebook

Upload your videos directly to Facebook (in addition to Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion), and use the identification features to identify the people who are on the videos. It's very effective when you do interviews with "Stars" of the Web, influencers …

You can do these interviews via Skype (by recording the screen with tools like Camtasia on PC or Screenflow on Mac), during events with a camera …

You can also redo the tour of your old videos still relevant to put them online, and identify the people who participated.

You can do the same with collaborative white paper covers, collaborative articles … by identifying the people who participated.

Warning: Do not exaggerate, identification must "value" people, not identify en masse.

If you do not have this kind of content, just go to the Blogs / Twitter accounts of influencers, locate a really strong quote, and transform it into an image with tools like Canva.com, and then identify the influencer on Facebook.

2 – Update your profile picture and cover with your promos & events

Indeed these two elements are very visual and very seen by your fans. You can use Canva.com to create your cover by including a slogan and a link to your promotional content (ex: a white paper a promo …).

To have a readable link, use bitly.com, you will have a shortcut like bit.ly/kitecommercant

Frédéric Canevet is a blogger on ConseilsMarketing.fr. With ConseilsMarketing.fr, discover every day advice to find prospects and retain your customers, online and offline. Find Frédéric also on Linkedin and Twitter @conseilsmkg

Gregory Pouy, Artisan Marketing – Digital Strategist

Gregory Pouy"Facebook has become a medium and the organic reach is now almost 0. This means that having a Facebook page without media capacity makes almost no sense except being present for corporate reasons.

Therefore, the method is always the same, we must create content that will resonate within a vertical community, it is she who will give visibility to the content.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to have a starting point, a blogger for example or a media partnership.

There is not really a recipe for viral marketing but a certain number of ingredients such as the fact of privileging organically uploaded video on Facebook, working and reworking the title and the static image, but also thinking about generating a emotion in the first seconds taking into consideration that the sound is, by default, not activated. "

Grégory Pouy is a craftsman in marketing strategy in the digital era – he lives between NYC and Paris where he also gives many conferences. He is also a temporary professor or speaker in several schools. His site: www.lamercatique.com. Find it on Linkedin and Twitter @gregfromparis

Julien Fabro, Piwee Founder

Julien FabroI think that the key on Facebook is to inflate his fan base, although it is better to have some fans, but the goal is more to maintain and federate. As Brian Chesky (co-founder of Airbnb) put it so well, "it's better to have 100 people who love you than a million people who love you by far."

For me, the best method is to start from scratch and to create an editorial charter, a kind of code that must be respected day by day.

There are several essential things to think about, the first being to know its activity to publish the number of appropriate messages per week: a media may publish several times a day while for me, a brand should publish only two or three times a week maximum (it depends of course on the brand). The risk, if you do too much, is to tire your fans.

The concept of line is also very important. It is necessary to clearly delineate the major themes that can be relayed or not. This will allow you to have a consistent page in the eyes of your community.

It is then important to give content to its fans. The self-promo is good but not too much. For example, you can try to play to publish different status formats to vary the types of content and interest your community, but also to retouch your images to bring your personal touch. It goes from the frame, to the typo, or the insertion of the logo … All these small signs will allow people to identify you to associate quality content to your brand.

Of course it is also important to understand how the Facebook algorithm works. But the more qualitative and pampered your content is, the more people will stay on your publication, the more likely it is to create interaction and the more important your reach will be.

Julien Fabro, founder of Piwee, blog of inspiration and creativity on the theme of marketing, innovation and art. Ex CM in agency and in higher education. Find Julien on Piwee, Linkedin, and Twitter @julienfabro

Laurent Bour, social media consultant and founder of the collaborative blog "Le Journal du Community Manager"

Laurent BourFirst of all, it seems interesting to make a distinction concerning the search for visibility on Facebook. It can be sometimes personal, when one is independent for example, or that which one seeks for his company or a project. In all cases, it is good to remember that visibility earned in a personal capacity, should follow you everywhere and in all your projects. It is therefore important to make the right choice according to your sector of activity.

In terms of improving its visibility on Facebook without advertising budget, it is in my opinion intelligent not to work alone but to involve actors related to its own expertise. This differs little from what is sometimes done on a blog.

Here are 5 tips to achieve this:

  1. Facebook is a network where we share a lot of content, so it seems appropriate to occasionally give the floor to other recognized experts, and to conclude partnerships on their shares. This ties in with the example of guest-blogging and this exercise in which we engage. Many of us give an answer to a question. It is therefore potentially shareable by each respondent. If Facebook is favored for the distribution of such content, it would be easy for experts to share a link to the page / group of the person or society where it is shared. It would improve its visibility by gaining a share of the readership and / or fans of the participants. The goal is to make themselves known.
  1. By organizing events or mini-conferences filmed, we can quite make available content that we would have retrieved on his Facebook page, then invite each participant to come to know. This will create additional traffic to your page.
  1. Participating actively in groups that join your expertise, will attract the curiosity of users on yourself and you will improve your own visibility.
  1. By making content available exclusively on Facebook and by placing the links on his blog or by sharing them on other social networks.
  1. One of the most lambdas advice, is not to forget to place visible links to his Facebook page (or profile) on his blog and on various other social networks where it would prove useful.

In conclusion, we must never work alone where unity is strength. By sharing interests, creating partnerships and exclusive content, it is quite possible to improve its visibility while becoming complementary to its partners. Participation in groups by providing concrete comments, can also help to be recognized in its sector.

Laurent Bour, social media consultant and founder of the collaborative blog « The Community Manager's Journal ". Find it on Linkedin and on Twitter @lejournalducm

Lilian Mahoukou, Social Strategist

Lilian MahoukouFirst think about preparation and levers.

Although social media is often free (Facebook for our topic of the day), the investment in time and organization is real.

Before talking about more or less important budget, several points are to be locked upstream. Indeed, the idea is to have each lever activated when the amplification work is done on Facebook and elsewhere. Without this, resources may lack optimization, whether the financial budget is broad or not.

1 – The universe of the brand: it takes over identity, history, positioning, values. This serves to delimit the thematic territories, and facilitates the choice of content to produce and share.

2 – The support of top management: if the subject of this collaborative article deals with actions with a limited budget, the idea is naturally to gradually widen the fields of action (according to priorities and possibilities) and consequently , to have more resources. For this, the involvement of the top management premium, with a very clear link to be made between actions "social media" and the overall objectives of the company.

3 – Governance: how are decisions made for everything that revolves around social media? Which charter of use? How is the validation of content organized? Are there specific procedures? What watch and what capitalization on winning practices depending on the context? What organization to respond to comments and various reactions of the audience, what time dedicated?

4 – Macro and micro strategies: the macro strategy (overall strategy) takes up the intended destination for the department to which the Social Media Manager is attached. The micro strategy takes the means and actions of this / last / last, with the integration of social media (Facebook included and precisely positioned).

5 – A developed internal network: to produce varied content, it is important to go beyond the direct members of one's team and to develop transversal links. Through the development of this internal network, there is the opportunity to expand the variety of topics that can potentially be addressed.

6 – An adapted and flexible editorial calendar: the three main themes remain the regularity (weekly frequency), the relevance (in relation to the overall objectives) and the utility (answer to the needs of the audience) .It is also interesting to provide visual content, in advance or live.

Lilian Mahoukou is Social Strategist. You can find it on Linkedin and Twitter @lilianmahoukou

Lucie Sellier, Social Media Manager, Le Club AccorHotels

Lucie SellierWithout advertising Facebook, it becomes, it is true, increasingly difficult to promote its brand and / or its company. But nothing is impossible! Here are some tips to gain visibility without spending anything.

– Regularly follow Facebook evolutions / features and adapt. A video uploaded as a source file today will be much more visible than a YouTube link for example.

– Analyze and decrypt Facebook insights. This free feature will help you identify your community and better meet their expectations. The more you know your fans, the more likely you are to bring them relevant content.

– Ask users to promote your own brand by offering a voucher / promo code etc. in exchange for sharing, for example.

– Create unique content that is not copied from another site but beautiful and unique. In my opinion, it is necessary to spend as much or more time on the content (of a blog) than on Facebook.

– Follow the news and bounce adroitly. I have a soft spot for those brands that have committed and offbeat CMs – often very funny. This attitude allows them to be relayed (and to be noticed) on other influential media. I am thinking in particular of the CM Hall of Fame site. A CM who understands and shares the values ​​of a company is a key element.

– Relay his Facebook page as often as necessary via all available channels. A basic often forgotten business.

Lucie Sellier is Social Media Manager for Le Club AccorHotels and traveler addict. You can find her on Linkedin and Twitter @luciesydney

Mathieu Flaig, Group Consulting Director, We Are Social

mathieu flaigFirst of all, let's be aware that it has become quite difficult to really perform on Facebook without advertising budget. But there are nevertheless solutions to optimize the scope of your publications.

A) Promote your Facebook page

Integrate the "Page plugin" on your site to turn your visitors into fans, display the url in your stores, in your email signature, in your newsletter … Invite your employees to "like" the page to be your first ambassadors.

B) Post effective content

On social networks, quality content is essential. And some formats generate more or less interactions or reach.

– The photo: well chosen, it generates "I like", sharing and comments, but the scope is really interesting only when it becomes viral.

– The links: here, the reach is a little more important but the number of visible interactions is less. Indeed, people click on your link, but they do not necessarily return to "like" or comment.

– The video: thanks to the autoplay videos posted on Facebook (this is not the case with YouTube and this format is even deprecated), the number of views can quickly fly away. Nevertheless, these views are not always qualified. To ensure maximum performance, the video content must be relevant, interesting, and ideally short.

Whatever the content, put yourself in the shoes of the user: would you have clicked or "liked" the publication?

C) Promote your content

Share your Facebook posts on your personal profile, make a best-of of your publications that you put forward in your newsletter, invite the intern to "like" and to share the publications of the page.

D) Consider partnerships

Organize contests or visibility exchanges with pages similar to yours. This will give you more power and increase the number of people you touch.

E) To conclude

To conclude, and even if the subject here is to get free visibility, think about your goals and the budget that may be needed to reach for example 30,000 people on Facebook.

During high points, the adapted and creative content mix + sponsorship of posts (for € 50 or € 100 per publication) can increase your results and guarantee a very positive return on your investment.

Mathieu Flaig is Group Consulting Director at We Are Social. He is also a blogger on publigeekaire.com and displug.com – You can find him on Linkedin and on Twitter @Mathieuflex

Raphael Catherin, Social Media Consultant, Marcel Worldwide

Raphael CatherinFollowing the drastic drop in reach on Facebook, it becomes very complicated to exist on the platform in a "free" way. While until very recently it had to rely on interactions to optimize its reach, a new algorithm implemented by Facebook takes into account the time spent on each publication to improve its reach. We thus have several types of content that emerge more than others:

  1. Videos: the use of video exploded on Facebook at the expense of simple images because they have a better natural reach, users spending more time on videos.
  1. Games: not necessarily with endowments but games on which Internet users will have to spend time (the kind of games found in magazines).
  1. Visuals with a lot of text: Users have a natural tendency to stop and read. Several examples exist: the BD formats, the posts parodying SMS or the posts putting forward quotes.

With these few typologies, it is possible to emerge without spending media on Facebook.

Raphaël Catherin is a social media consultant at Marcel Worldwide, specializing in the creation of viral content. You can follow him on Linkedin and Twitter @raphaelctr

Also find the interview of Raphael: Oasis Social Media Strategy: Interview Raphael Catherin, Social Media Manager

Rudy Turinay, Social Media Manager and Web TV RMC Sport Manager

Rudy TurinayFacebook took a turn in the fall of 2014, the social network decided to compete with YouTube by launching a strategy based on video. An almost unheard-of opportunity for content creators and the media to continue to grow their community in a network that helps them enormously gain traffic on their site.

Quality video, of course, is today the type of content that is most exposed to your fans for several reasons. First of all his distribution algorithm to the fans is very good. Then, the autoplay during the scroll of the timeline greatly increases the attention and encourages to look and interact. And finally, the duration of consumption of a video is de facto much greater than the consumption duration of any other publication, several minutes VS a few seconds. This has the effect of multiplying the chances of sharing, so visibility, so virtuous viral circle. My advice to increase his visibility on Facebook would be to create specific content, adapted to the social network.

And for that, do not hesitate to hire the competent people.

Rudy Turinay: Professional social networks for 6 years, I occupy the position of Head of Web TV at RMC Sport. Also creator of the knowledge sharing platform Savant Monkey, my expertise brings together digital strategy and creative content. You can find it on Linkedin, and Twitter @erudy_

Stéphane Espasa-Tudo, Social Media Strategist, Fred & Farid Group

stephane espasa tudo"Content" is the word that comes up systematically when we talk about social media strategy for 2/3 years. At a time when almost all brands have their Facebook page more or less well kept, the key to ensuring a minimum of visibility in overloaded timelines is to keep in mind two points:

– A good strategy on Facebook is a good editorial strategy. The brand is on a platform thought by people and for people, do not forget it is already the frame of a relevant presence. Nobody registered on Facebook to stay connected with X brands and receive excessive marketing content. We must therefore adapt to codes of practice & languages, this is the first step: the brand must comply with certain rules if it wants to impose itself.

– The temporality, the mark must be inscribed in time and its conversational tendencies. Talking about the topic that most people are talking about at one time is a way to be heard. If the mark proves that it has a legitimacy to express itself through relevant points of view, a singular tone or other, it can emerge little by little. All is to think about the credibility of the brand to express themselves on this or that topic, many brands opt for the real time content quite wobbly, which gives an opportunistic image often badly perceived.

After 4 years of experience in Social Media at Marcel then at Ogilvy Paris, Stéphane Espasa-Tudo is since September 2015, Social Media Strategist at FRED & FARID GROUP. You can find it on Linkedin and Twitter @Fasnao

Stéphanie Laporte, Social Media Consultant, Otta

Stéphanie LaporteIn my opinion, Facebook groups are under-exploited by brands in France. In the US, this community concept is very well understood by advertisers.

Specifically, in support of a corporate Facebook Page, I think it is very appropriate to open a discussion group (closed, with approval by a moderator to avoid spam). Indeed, the reach of posts from members is excellent, and we touch the very soul of Facebook: the very notion of community. The particularity of the Group is that it will be necessary to post as a Person and not a Corporate Page: we thus humanize the speech by appointing an ambassador / animator. The brand has a face, and the communication is horizontal, not just vertical. Members can post in the group stream and be seen by all (not just doomed to forget by posting on a corporate Page Newspaper they would follow). They can challenge, debate, submit ideas … True, there is a real work of moderation but it's really the UGC (Holy Grail brands for some time). It is also a place where we can still conduct surveys (Questions disappeared from the Pages) and where it is easier to inform the target audience of its events.

Exemples d’utilisation : un groupe « bons plans à Talence » pour une Mairie (qui bien souvent n’a pas de budget pour des posts sponso, ni même de carte bleue), un groupe d’échange et de veille mode « Les pulpeuses lyonnaises » pour une boutique de prêt à porter grandes tailles à Lyon, une communauté « Passion fromage : idées recettes au quotidien » pour une marque de produits laitiers… Et même un groupe « secret » auquel on accéderait uniquement par co-optation pour une marque de luxe (façon gentlemen’s Club).

Stéphanie Laporte est Consultante, Formatrice et Conférencière entre Bordeaux et Paris. Passée par IBM France, Cdiscount, les jeux mobiles et le milieu associatif (Les Restos du Cœur, Sidaction), elle a monté en 2013 une cellule de Conseil Social Media (Otta) et travaille avec son équipe pour de grandes marques et des startups innovantes (Société du Grand Paris, Truffaut, Orange Sud-Ouest, Banque Populaire Sud-Ouest, Ville de Bordeaux, Viadeo, Maître Prunille, Proman, Nyne Audio…). Son site : Otta.fr.  Vous pouvez la retrouver sur Linkedin et Twitter @steashaz

My Facebook is reach

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