▷ How to boost the engagement of its social networks: the case of influencer Shonduras

Do you know Shonduras? 211,000 followers on Instagram, more than 1 million on Youtube, Snapchatter of the year … just that. This social networking pro has launched a contest to animate his community via a Flapit counter and an Adpow app. A very simple device to implement and yet devilishly effective. Feel free to inspire yourself for your next social marketing campaigns. We explain everything in the rest of this article …

The concept : Shonduras has connected a social network counter to its Youtube channel. This counter displayed live the number of subscribers to its channel. In a few hours, several hundred new subscribers have joined his community.

Training & Co'm

A live video showed live the number of subscribers progress! The latter were invited to perform various actions to participate in the contest. The more participants accumulated, the better their chances of winning.


  • Subscribing to the channel gave 3 additional chances;
  • Follow Shonduras on Instagram, 3 points too;
  • On Twitter, 2 points …

The advantage of this type of operation is to simultaneously promote all social networks.

Using this device, Shonduras saw a very strong increase in its commitment and call to action.

You too want to reproduce this type of marketing action?

Why not make a live on your Facebook page or Youtube channel? Take advantage, for example, of a crossing for your community (passing 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 fans depending on the importance of your community).

Before your live, several things are to prepare:

  1. Choose an attractive lot but only interesting people in your target;
  2. Prepare an application on Adpow to encourage your fans to perform actions during the live (follow you on your other social networks, subscribe to your newsletter …);
  3. Prepare yourself personally! A live is getting ready 🙂;
  4. Finally, choose a day and an hour allowing you to reach a maximum of members of your community!

Now you have to take action!

If you want to discover in detail the practical case Shonduras, click here, and if you want to test free Adpow, create an account by following this link.

Do you know of other examples of this type? Feel free to share them with us via the comments!

Article written in collaboration with Adpow