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A little over a year ago, we launched Training & co'm, our training organization. It is time to take stock! We asked the participants of the last formations to give us their opinion, thanks to them for their returns …

"100% of participants recommend Training & co'm"

After consulting the various people we have had the opportunity to train in recent months, we are proud to announce that 100% of participants recommend our Training & co'm! A nice encouragement for our training activity that we take pleasure to develop.

Your love affair with SEO starts here

I give the floor now to 6 people we had the opportunity to train, I take this opportunity to thank them warmly for the good times spent during the training.

Eliane Journiac, web consultant

eliane journiacTraining followed "The fundamentals of Referencing"

The training very well organized, we went to basics in 2 days of training. I followed the training "Fundamentals of SEO". Since 6 months I hold a position of webmarketing / SEO SEO. I continue to use the supports and tools provided during the training.

Following this training I felt more "reinforced" to put the field of SEO into practice. I am at my 2nd CDD in the same box. The training period is very short (too short in my opinion), I continue to document the evolution of the profession. A watch is essential, hence the interest of newsletters.

I will give 10/10 to this training and I have already had the opportunity to recommend it.

Stéphanie Branchi, Content Manager at Zuma Paris

stephanie branchiTraining followed "The fundamentals of Referencing"

The training Training & Co'm allows you to acquire all the basics of SEO in a digital marketing strategy.

This training is very well conducted since the trainer expresses himself very clearly with simple words and gives many examples. In addition we put directly into practice the concepts previously seen which facilitates learning.

The trainer is very energetic which makes this training enjoyable and very rewarding.

I was able as early as the week after this training put into practice all the techniques I learned. For example I realized a semantic audit of my website to do a real job on metas titles and metas descriptions.

What was useful during this practice is to have template examples and the power point of all the training at my disposal. So, if you have a hesitation you can easily find the answer to your question.

I will give the rating of 8 out of 10. The training was very complete and captivating. I will highly recommend this training. However, I will advise them to say what they already know in this area so as not to waste time on notions already acquired.

Finally, I really liked the fact that during these two days of training we did a little practical exercise at each end of chapter.

I thank again my trainer for his kindness and his pedagogy!

Fabien Dhont, Project Manager for Coxinelis Communication Agency

fabien dhondtFollowed trainings "Fundamentals of Webmarketing" and "Set up a social media strategy"

These are two interesting formations that pose solid theoretical bases, accompanied by some concrete cases to better understand.

Since the training, I acquired some reflexes and can advise the customers on certain points (well naming the images on a web site for example, for a better referencing), but if I can more easily answer questions of the customers, I do not feel 100% comfortable if you had to go to the front line to show them that it is essential to implement a digital strategy for example.

A third day could be considered to give more concrete to the first 2 days more theoretical. This would better assess the time spent to schedule a campaign on social networks and the best actions to implement, to be more comfortable with customer requests.

I will give 8/10 and recommend these two courses to have a good base of existing techniques and reflexes to have.

Alexandre Cormont, Coach in Personal Development

alexandre cormontTraining followed "Establishing a social media strategy"

I followed a training of great quality and very complete. It's a big plus to have several expert speakers in their field. We receive a lot of information and we are immediately immersed in the practical side to be able to reproduce the advice.

After having followed the program "Set up a social media strategy". I focused on Facebook and a year later, I went from 500 to 5000 fans.

I will put a 8/10 to this training, it is very dense and you have to be in shape to enjoy it. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to have a better view of social networks.

I wanted to thank you again and I encourage everyone to trust you because you are a team of experts and it is important to have answers to the questions that arise.

Gilles Batawui, Community Manager at Agriconomie

gilles komlaviTraining followed "Establish a social media strategy"

Overall it was a very rewarding experience. I did not expect to be supervised by 3 professionals. This implies 3 different profiles and 3 times more likely to have different experiences and varied advice. What I really liked and help afterwards.

As part of my training I followed Training & co'm and its program Implementing a social media strategy. I received a lot of good ideas and good practice tips that I applied and that worked relatively well on my community (types of formats to publish, schedules, tones of publications, most interesting contents …)

For this training I will award an 8/10 and of course that I will advise my entourage without any hesitation.

Thank you. Because not only have I been trained but my trainers have always been available after the training when I needed information that was not necessarily related to the training. I like their availability and accessibility.

Mathilde Zaragoza, editorial and communication project manager

mathilde zaragozaTraining followed "The fundamentals of Referencing"

I followed the training fundamentals of SEO. I am beginning to put this knowledge into practice on my new job.

It is a very good training with accessible and attentive trainers. A theoretical training but especially very practical with concrete and personalized cases.

I will give 8/10 and I recommend it to my contacts!

Finally, keep your side close to people in training, it's very pleasant. With small breaks in the day to let the brain rest, it would not hurt! 🙂

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