▷ Develop your community on Instagram

With its ever-increasing users, and the latest news to improve the experience from an e-commerce perspective, it's time to expand your community on Instagram. Follow these tips to boost your communication …

1: The basis: quality content that meets the expectations of your niche

Instagram, like Pinterest, is a social network based on the image. I'm not going to teach you anything by saying that you have to publish quality visual content. Before starting to animate your Instagram account, put on a document in black and white your target and its expectations.

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Describe her and list all topics that might interest her. Your visual content must meet the expectations of your target. Another advice, do not target a target too wide, prefer a well identified niche for which you have interesting things to say.

Once your target and expectations are well identified, think about topics that may be of interest to you. The idea is to also have content that will not be found elsewhere.

An example : we work with Theaters Parisiens Associés, our target here is the passionate theater and culture in the Paris region. In order to meet the expectations of this target, we have set up livetweets to cover theatrical performances every month and in parallel with these livetweets, photos of the play, the theater, backstages are published on the Instagram account. Our subscribers are invited to enter the world of theater.

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Posting quality content on topics identified as interesting for its target will allow you to have the basics to build a solid Instagram acquisition strategy.

2: Interact with accounts related to your themes

To win subscribers naturally, nothing better than creating engagement with other accounts on Instagram. 1era important thing: identify the accounts in your target. For this you can use the search engine of the social network. Click on the magnifying glass icon and type keywords related to your activity. The search engine will then offer you among the results: accounts, related hashtags or places. Browse through the different types of results to find content and accounts related to your business.

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Once the accounts and contents are identified, interact with them : like and comment on interesting photos, follow related accounts. The accounts in question will receive notifications and will be likely to follow you back.

In short, create relationships with other Instagram members.

3: Use the right hashtags

Hashtags have a great reach on the social network, it is important to use them for each of your publications. 1era step: identify the popular hashtags. Again, you can use Instagram's search engine to identify these hashtags!

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Remember the popular hashtags for use in your next publications. Do not hesitate to make a file listing them!

Then use these hashtags in your publications. You can also add hashtags via comments to optimize your previous publications.

4: Developing exchanges with your community

Remember to respond to your subscribers, the more you develop the exchanges the more you will be visible and the more you will engage your community. Results: still new subscribers via the visibility offered by the commitment.

5: Using competitions with simple mechanisms

Instagram users are particularly fond of various contests. Opt for simple mechanisms to grow your community. Example: "likez, comment and share our photo to participate in our draw. Photo battles can also be a great opportunity, but only if you already have a great community because this type of contest is much more engaging.

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6: Realize an influence campaign

Approaching influencers to reach their communities on Instagram can be a great way to quickly increase your subscribers and showcase your brand to subscribers of these influencers. Identify influencers in your theme and offer them either a paid partnership or an exchange of visibility against your products.

To facilitate this type of operation, consider using specialized boards that will be better able to touch and negotiate quickly with influencers.

7: Promote your Instagram account on its website and social networks

You already have an audience on your site or your other social networks, take advantage of it and introduce your visitors or subscribers to your Instagram content.

8: Publish at the right time

In order to have maximum visibility on the network and gain new followers by ricochet, think to publish at the best time. There is no time or day for all, test different slots and see the most impactful ones in relation to your target (we come back to point 1 🙂)

9: Establish partnerships with other Instagram accounts

Another particularly effective point if you choose your partners: set up content sharing partnerships. Identify accounts in your area and offer them a partnership. You will share their contents and they will share yours. A win-win partnership! Of course, do not be too greedy and choose partners with a number of subscribers close to yours.

10: Make an advertising campaign

With the common Facebook and Instagram ad network, you can quickly grow your community, plan a dedicated budget, and use affinity targeting with your target audience!