▷ Combin: a simple and effective tool for your marketing actions on Instagram

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Nowadays, social networks have become, beyond the communication and entertainment tool, an excellent opportunity to do marketing and business.

Having an Instagram account is essential today to promote your service or your business. You can draw attention to your business and find your target audience and future customers.

The question is how to become popular with your target? Today, there are several tools that help promote his Instagram account.

Combin will help you grow your audience, allowing you to earn and connect with many subscribers.

With Combin, it's possible to increase the number of your followers and to authenticate accounts that do not follow you in return, to publish several comments, to like several publications at the same time and all this in accordance with limits of daily activity of Instagram!

Let's see that together.

1 – Search for publications by hashtags

The search function for hashtags publications will allow you to easily find your target audience: just type a hashtag relating to your activity to find related publications and contact their authors or subscribe to their accounts. Feel free to take advantage of the new machine learning feature.

That's how it goes:

  • Download Combin, launch the application by connecting to it with your Instagram account;
  • Select the option Search and start a new search for publications by typing the necessary hashtag;
  • Test the new automatic user scanning feature by enabling it before initiating the search process – machine learning – which will help you authenticate publications made by real users right away.

marketing tool instagram publication

It is also possible to choose the place and date of publication to make your search for publications even more precise:

  • Click on Search in Combin, select a new publications search;
  • Type a place name for your search in the field Place ;
  • Enter the date of publication in the field published : last two weeks, last week, the day before ;
  • Activate the automatic user analysis function during the search;
  • Click on Search to start the search!

search instagram marketing tool

Use several hashtags to get more accurate search results:

  • Click on Search. Start a new search for publications;
  • Type your hashtag in the field hashtag, click + and type other relevant hashtags;
  • Indicate the place and date of publication, activate the automatic learning function.

instagram marketing tool hashtag

The search results will be displayed quickly and you can either comment on all the publications found or put your likes by clicking on Select allto like and comment on separate posts.

Filter posts found by date of publication and by number of likes and comments by clicking filter by top right and choosing the necessary filter setting.

marketink tool instagram find publication

2 – Search for relevant user accounts

Clicking again on Add a new search, select the search for Instagram user accounts that you may find interesting. For example, the account of your competitor or that of one of your subscribers. You will find potential subscribers among the followers of these accounts or popular accounts advertising for the same activity as yours.

In practice :

  • Click on Add a new search and select the user search;
  • Enable automatic user analysis and parameter The author was there last week;
  • Click on Search;
  • The search can be done on subscribers, people who left comments, or entire lists of users.

instagram marketing tool find accounts

marketing tool instagram search comment

3 – Identification of accounts do not follow you back

Combin offers the function of identifying accounts to which you are subscribed, but which do not follow you back: you get the opportunity to understand which categories of accounts are interested or not in your service or activity.

  • Start Combin, choose the heading users;
  • All user accounts you follow will be displayed; it will be necessary to choose the heading Do not follow me to see which accounts do not follow you back;
  • By selecting all accounts that do not follow you back, you can proceed to a massive unsubscribe: click on the small icon Unsubscribe from users in the left corner to unsubscribe from all these accounts;
  • Combin will create an automatic task to run according to the daily activity limits of Instagram.

instagram marketing tool follow unfollow users

4 – Task Management

The ability to like and comment on many publications and to subscribe to many Instagram user accounts will really make your life easier.

With Combin, you will not have to worry about blocking your account, because all the actions made through this software are done according to the daily activity limits of Instagram.

  • As soon as the search for publications is over, you can either like or comment on all the publications found by clicking on the Like Icon Or on Comment at the top left corner and clicking Select all;
  • You also have the opportunity to start following the authors of these publications by clicking on the associated icon.

When searching for user accounts, once the results are obtained, you can use the following options: like the latest publication, comment on the latest publication and follow all users by clicking on buttons at the top left of the window.

instagram marketing tool follow

Some tips for writing comments:

By leaving comments on many publications at the same time, take advantage of a very useful option that Combin offers: use templates already created to not waste your time or create new comments yourself:

  • If you want to comment all the results of the search, click on Select all and on the small button on the left Add a comment to the last post ;
  • Click on Comment and write your own comments in the special field – it is possible to create several comments, they will be published randomly by Combin. You can also use comment templates already created by selecting Model.

marketing tool instagram manage automatic comment

A task is created automatically and will be completed according to the activity limits of Instagram.

Its progress can be observed in the tab historical.

marketing tool instagram management spots

Combin is an easy-to-use software and has a user-friendly interface. He can help you automate what can be automated on Instagram to focus on your work of animation and engagement.

You can use it to promote your Instagram account by searching for interesting people by interacting with them and getting new subscribers from your target audience in just a few clicks!

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Article written in collaboration with Combin