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Do you want to boost your SEO, develop your network and provide your readers with exceptional content? Yes ? That's great, because I'm going to explain how to achieve these three goals in one go thanks to the carnival of articles …

What is a carnival of articles?

The principle of carnival articles is very simple. It involves bringing together different bloggers on a common topic to obtain a series of articles that provide a complete overview of the theme defined at the beginning.

How to set it up?

Setting up this type of event requires no technical knowledge, just a little organization and time.

In a carnival of articles, there is a blog "host" (the one that hosts the carnival) and blogs participating (those who write the articles).

The host blog should post a summary article listing all carnival participants by linking to each article.

Participating bloggers, for their part, must write an article (posted on their own blog) respecting the theme initially given and add at the beginning or end a paragraph explaining that their post is part of a carnival of articles. This paragraph should contain a link to the host blog article.

Here is an example with a carnival I recently organized. The theme was: "3 mistakes to avoid when launching your e-commerce site" (Click on the link to see the result).

Here is an excerpt from the summary article:

carnival of articles 1

And an example of a paragraph that each participant added on his article:

carnival of articles 2

What interest in terms of SEO?

If you're interested in SEO, you know Google places a lot of importance on links to a site. The more quality links you have (I insist on quality), the better your site will position itself in the search results.

If you are the host blog, this is particularly interesting because you will get a lot of good quality links.

If you are a blog participant, you will gain a link on a page with authority (since it has a lot of links pointing to it), but it will be diluted among the links of other participants. So it's good, but not exceptional.

We will see below that there are other advantages and that the host blog can rebalance the balance.

What is the interest in terms of visibility?

The principle of this type of event is to allow readers to travel from one blog to another and therefore to make each blog to a new audience that he had never been able to reach.

Regardless of the point of arrival of the reader, he will be able to discover all the blogs provided that each participant adds, to his article, the paragraph explaining the principle of the event as well as the link to the summary article.

What interest in terms of relationship?

Organizing a carnival of articles helps strengthen relationships between bloggers. The host blogger must contact many people to invite them to participate in the event and this is an opportunity to discuss and learn more about each one.

By organizing mine, I could for example: set up two partnerships, invite me to write on the blog of a participant and discuss everything and nothing 😉

In short, it's really a plus to strengthen or create a network!

An event win win win!

In a carnival of articles, everyone wins! The host blog is the luckiest in history, it gains in SEO, visibility, and develops its network.

Participating blogs improve their SEO to a lesser extent, but also develop their relationships and visibility.

Finally, let us not forget the readers (because it is they who must remain the main object of this type of event) who will ultimately benefit from a complete file on a given subject.

Balancing the balance

As I said, everyone is a winner, but let's be honest, the host blogger is rather advantaged. Even if it is (in general) him who is in charge to gather all the participants, it remains dependent on the good will of each blogger and I thus find it normal to try to rebalance the balance.

For my part, I did not just put a link to each article. I also added the name of the author of the blog and wrote a few lines to make the reader want to visit each article.

I promoted the event to my mailing-list to bring traffic to the summary article and therefore to each participant. I also talked about it on social networks (with a nice image to increase the click rate 🙂).

Finally, always on social networks, I programmed a message per day with a link to the article of each participant with the name of his Twitter account.

carnival of articles 3

The disadvantages

Yes, unfortunately all is not rosy, there are some disadvantages when organizing a carnival of articles.

The major flaw of this type of event is the time to invest. One might think that the host blogger does not have much to do since he does not even have the obligation to write an article (besides, nothing prevents you from participating as well even if you are 'host', but that's wrong.

We must already contact each blogger and make reminders. Yes, you will not always have an answer immediately, and even if you get the agreement of a blogger, it will restart to remind him of the closing date of the event.

For the event "3 mistakes to avoid when launching its e-commerce site", I contacted a little more than 60 different bloggers and sent 5 mails per person, which makes 300 mails sent over a period of one month. Not to mention the conversations on Twitter.

Another flaw is that it is much better to already have a small network to successfully launch this type of event. Of the 60 people I contacted, I knew about 40 and I had 22 participants in the end.

Many bloggers will only accept if there are already other participants, it means being able to quickly find your first 3 or 4 bloggers ready to play the game.

You also need to be organized so that you do not harass your contacts or re-launch them at the wrong time or unnecessarily.

I used a table with dates and color codes to find me. If you decide to organize a carnival of articles, precision and rigor will be your friends!

Finally, we must try to find expert bloggers in different fields if all the articles will be similar and readers will get tired after reading 3.


This type of event takes time, but it is within the reach of any blogger. It's very enriching (personally, it's the relationship part that I appreciate the most) and useful for all concerned.

So, if you have a blog, I advise you to try the adventure. In the worst case, you will have developed your network. At best, you will have created great content and boosted your SEO and visibility.

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