▷ Boost a new Facebook page thanks to an email database

Have you just created a Facebook page and are looking for your first fans? Why not use your email databases, whether it's your newsletter or the people you're talking to around your business? Indeed, Facebook offers a tool for new pages (up to 5000 fans) to import a list of contacts so that they receive an invitation to love your page, follow the guide and find out how to promote your page for free …

1: export his contacts (newsletter, outlook …)

If you already have a newsletter for your site, export the email database to import it into the Facebook tool. Be aware that the tool is also compatible with icloud, Skype, Outlook, Yahoo and most email services. Note that the tool offered by Facebook supports files of up to 5000 emails.

invite contact email facebook

Then go to the administration of your Facebook page and click on "Invite email contacts"

download file email page facebook

2: invite his contacts to like the Facebook page

Once the file is loaded, you have the possibility to select all the emails or to check only some of them:

import emails like facebook page

You can then preview the invitation that will be sent before confirming your choice.

It remains for you to validate the sending by confirming that the addresses are well opt-ins.

sending invitation mail facebook
It's over, you just have to wait for your contacts to discover your new page. To continue recruiting your first fans, you can also read our articles: