▷ 7 tips for mastering hashtags on Instagram in 2018

If there is one sign that symbolizes social networks alone, it is undoubtedly this one: # ! Hashtags are essential tools to boost the visibility of your messages on Instagram, and to unite communities around your brand. But, like any activity on social networks, there are rules, somewhat informal, but that should not be neglected. So here are some tips for optimizing your hashtags on Instagram, to make you real hashtags artists!

# 1 Focus on quality over quantity

Too many hashtags, kill the hashtag. Some companies have understood the interest of the hash key, but tend to abuse it!

A TrackMaven study reveals that publications with 9 hashtags receive the most commitments. So limit yourself to a few hashtags, focusing on the most relevant to your message and your audience.

instagram tips hashtags

# 2 Create hashtags related to your brand

Hashtags are the perfect way to relay a message and identify your most committed community. Some brands have even deposited theirs!

The challenge is to come up with unifying hashtags, which provoke interaction. Do not center your hashtags on your brand, but create an experience: launching a quiz, promoting a lifestyle, etc.

If you want to create a hashtag, keep one rule in mind: the shorter the hashtag, the more attention it will get. If you use too complex such as #sticks to master the art of the hashtag, your audience will struggle to follow you.

# 3 Find the hashtags already associated with your brand

If consumers value a brand, it is not uncommon for them to mention it in their publications.

For example, when we look at hashtags related to Starbucks, we notice a real difference in use between those that the brand puts forward and those created by users.

instagram tips hashtags

By using a social networking tool, it's easy to identify the hashtags that users associate with your brand. Rather than create one, use those that your audience already uses!

# 4 Focus on the relevant hashtags

When you search for a hashtag yourself, you come across interesting content and people, but you probably also encounter spammers, people who use hashtags unrelated to their photos, just to surf their popularity.

However, this use has a very negative public image, so you should make sure to use only words related to the idea you want to convey.

Similarly, it may be tempting to use hashtags such as #followmeback or #picoftheday, but your post will soon be drowned in the amount of other accounts that use this hashtag.

# 5 Use the niche hashtags

On Instagram, some communities gather behind very specific hashtags. These niche hashtags will be used by fewer people, but they will be very committed to the content that uses them.

For example, the fitness industry uses specific hashtags like #onebreathatatime, and the journey has the right to #tinypeopleinbigplaces.

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To identify the hashtags in your industry, follow the market leaders and analyze the different hashtags they use.

# 6 Review yourself

If you're a hashtag aficionado, you know they can not contain spaces. If you use hashtags with multiple words, chances are they will be too long and your audience will squint as you read. This is how even the hashtags with the best intentions can quickly create misunderstanding.

Do you remember the one used to promote Susan Boyle's album? #Susanalbumparty, no need to draw a picture … This is why it is important to read again carefully to avoid this type of hidden messages!

# 7 Think long term

Even if you have a large number of subscribers on social networks, the life of a post, and therefore the hashtag, is rather short, even very short. News feeds are so dense that content never lasts more than a day.

To increase the life of your messages, make your hashtags an integral part of your marketing strategy in the long run. The more you use, the more your brand will be associated and you can then decline on other platforms like your site or your blog.


Hashtags are just one of many ways to get noticed on Instagram. To put in place an effective strategy, many other elements must be taken into account.

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