▷ 6 tips to publicize your Facebook page

I'm not going to introduce Facebook anymore, because everyone knows it's the most popular social network with more than 1.6 billion users. Today, with the explosion of platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram … and Pokémon GO (no, I'm kidding), it is essential to be present on at least one of these networks to let you know …

Facebook remains above all one of the simplest to manage and optimize to know its return on investment (ROI). As well, this social network represents a major traffic lever for all entrepreneurs and bloggers, because it allows you to quickly reach thousands, even millions of people.

Once you have created your page, you will need "Fans" so that you can animate it and get interaction (shares, comments, likes). I will give you some tips to make your Facebook page known for free … or almost!

1 / Post content frequently

In order to retain or even federate your community, you can for example publish the articles (or other content) present on your blog or on your company site. Do not go into the bidding of promotional items, it could tire people who follow you and you lose some followers.

Publish content that touches your domain like info, tips, tips, etc. But do not overdo it, do you content with 2 or 3 publications maximum per day (If you do not have enough time to spend, start with 2 publications a week is not bad).

Recently, Facebook drastically decreased the distribution of "Fans" page posts, so when you publish, you will have a fairly low impact in your community. Do not be disappointed and do not give up, it will take time and a lot of work to improve your commitment. But if you want some advice, publish relevant, interesting things for your fans and you'll see, the commitment will be over time.

2 / Take care of the design and choose a precise description

The design of your Facebook page is important, it must be in adequacy with that of your personal site if you have one, or the image of your company. Respect display formats well to have beautiful, clean, non-pixelated images. A neat image will always have more impact visually compared to something fuzzy or cut. Do not put aside the description of your page (About), treat it, and take advantage of it to use the most suitable keywords (do not overdo it).

It is important to fill in your information because your visitors want to know who you are and what you are offering. The description of a Facebook page is equivalent to the "Learn More" or "Biography" section on a site.

3 / Use your contacts to help you

This is a fairly simple trick that still allows you to start your page and start having your first fans. This puts water in the mill as they say. Just "share" your page by showing it on your contacts' news feed or directly on the Timeline of your personal account. You can announce the creation of the Facebook page on any other social network or site of which you would be a member.

You can write a special publication on your website or blog to announce it. Do not mislead your friends, however, give them the choice to kindly be part of your page and share it without putting the knife under their throats. Always leave them the choice because if the page pleases them, you will see that they will share it naturally, hence the importance of taking care of the point mentioned above.

4 / Integrate a like box on your site

This is a fairly ordinary approach that is normally implemented automatically when you put your site online. But it is always good to remember, because it is a simple tool that will bring you fans in the long run. This is not to neglect, quite the contrary.

To optimize your website, think of the "like box": it displays the number of people who likes your Facebook page (you have the choice to customize it by displaying the news feed of your page, the avatars of members, etc. .).

You can must add a "like" or "share" button at the end of the articles you publish on your blog for example to simplify the life of your users and allow them to more easily share your content.

5 / Open a discussion group

Create a Facebook discussion group on a theme that you address on your website / blog and that you master. This will encourage users to share the discussion around a topic you know and / or you can step in, then post your articles for example. Do not forgetannounce your future publications or upcoming events, to encourage your followers on other social networks to take part in the discussion.

If your group is good and the theme is interesting, you will see that users will come by themselves (via the search engine of the site).

6 / Interact with your fans

Interact with your "fans", be present on your Facebook page and ask them what kind of content they would like to see on your page or on hot topics. Ask them questions, respond to comments they have left, etc. Be active and responsive. Your "Fans" must see that you take the time to answer. It's a good piece of insurance.

To conclude: it is a real work of communication!

These means of promotion are not revolutionary, but if they are all well respected, they will allow you to address Facebook in the best way it is. Then there is no miracle, you will have to work. We do not live a community by posting an article every 6 months, it's a bit like throwing a bottle into the sea.

Being known today is a real job. Social networks have made it possible to develop high-speed communication, to put at your disposal extraordinary means, but that does not remain as simple as that to address.