▷ 51 catchphrases to force the opening of your emails

"It's not the physical that counts, it's the inner beauty." This is the kind of ineptitude that will never tell you a specialist in communication and marketing. Because the first impression is always decisive for what will happen next. For a marketing email strategy, it's the same thing: the first impression is given by the title of the email, so much to look after the hook …

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The title of the email makes all the difference!

If you are reading this article, it is because a few seconds ago, something made you want to read it. The image ? Not sure. The summary ? Perhaps. The title ? Certainly.

I'm not saying that the title is good or even original, but what is certain is that it made you want to know more about what was behind. Maybe he's really interested in you because you're preparing an email campaign? Maybe he intrigued you because you're wondering how to get people to open an email? Maybe it really shocked you because for you, the strategy of mass emails was dead and buried? (Which is completely wrong, because email marketing is still very effective).

Anyway, the title, it works, and for sending emails en masse, even more! Do not forget, a title is not meant to sell anythingbut simply to make sure that the email is open, and ideally, read.

The topics of emails that force the opening

To help you find the key phrase of your email, here are many examples. Feel free to pick in several categories, to adapt to your themes, but also to make mixtures. The important thing is to encourage the reader to open the email without disappointing him when he reads it (so no misleading advertising for example!).

The subject of simple, direct and explicit email

He who is first degree, clear and without fuss. Ideal if you want to go to the point and you want to be sure that the reader knows what it is.

1 – Webinar on _______ this thursday at 7pm
2 – Promotion on _______
3 – Release of my new _______
4 – Test of the very last _______
5 – Join us at the show … / at the party … / at the conference …

The imperative email subject

The one that directly involves the reader and gives him a direct order and franc.

6 – Plan / Prepare your _______ right now! (your retirement, your Christmas dinner, your real estate purchase, your marketing strategy …)
7 – Find your _______ today (your soul mate, your ideal vacation destination, your perfect evening outfit …)
8 – Do not get lost by _______
9 – Look no further …

The humorous or wacky email subject

The one who intrigues, who makes you laugh or smile, and who gives you at the same time a tone offbeat and complicit. But be careful not to lose those who do not understand your humor …

10 – Touch it, touch it, pinch it: Test Galaxy Tab #
11 – Do you still see the pink elephant? # ways to heal a hangover
12 – Tired of Aunt Huguette commenting on your publications? (to promote training on privacy settings on Facebook for example)

The pessimistic email subject

Whoever can frighten, which triggers a reaction of rejection and that makes you want to read more because we do not want it to happen.

13 – How to be sure to miss your _______!
14 – # ways to never realize your dreams
15 – Why you will never succeed at _______
16 – # reasons why your _______ will be a chilling failure

The subject of controversial email

The one who reacts as soon as we read it, which makes us strongly agree, or strongly disagree.

17 – RIP Facebook. How will 2016 mark the end of an era?
18 – You get ripped off by _______! React!
19 – _______ you lie!
20 – Why diets are useless?
21 – How does _______ make money on your back?

The subject of email surfing the news

The one who is anchored in the news, which bounces on the subjects of the moment to take advantage of it. However, be careful not to have fun of a subject too heavy or too serious (an accident, an attack …): some have left their reputation!

22 – Disappointed by the elimination of the Blues? Enjoy our promotion on _______!
23 – Drop the snow. Leave for Cuba.
24 – The popularity rating of Holland at the lowest. Where is yours?

The subject of one-word email / expression

Whoever is the most simplistically is often the most effective because it tickles, challenges and asks lots of questions. Try, you will see!

25 – Invitation
26 – Scandalous! (for a petition … or an incredible promotion)
27 – Save-who-can!
28 – Eat Me (famous phrase on a cake in Alice in Wonderland)

The subject of encrypted email

The one that involves a list, a finite number of solutions to a question. It's effective because our eye is attracted by the numbers, when they are in the middle of a page full of words.

29 – # ways to boost your popularity on social networks
30 – # Reasons to Never Celebrate Halloween
31 – The # keys to a good marketing strategy
32 – Top # of the world's worst _______
33 – # dresses to be the most classy on December 31

The subject of urgent email

The one who will simply create urgency, lack or need in the reader, in a few words!

34 – My ebook at 4,99 € for 48 hours only!
35 – The special sale ends today!
36 – Do you have your ______ for this summer?
37 – This is your last chance!
38 – Change your _______ before it's too late
39 – Discover this essential training for _______

The questioner email subject

The one who ask a question and that implies that you will give the answer once you click!

40 – Do you know how to make money with _______?
41 – Do you think you're ready for _______?
42 – Want to be the best in _______?
43 – Do you know this technique for _______?

The subject of problematic email

The one who poses not just a question, but downright a problem, even giving a sense of gravity to the situation, implying that we will get answers after clicking.

44 – Trouble finding new customers?
45 – How can I ever waste your time with _______?
46 – Is your safety really secure?
47 – How to avoid _______?

The mysterious email subject

The one who does not say too much, but just enough so that the curiosity the reader is stung.
48 – # well-kept secrets for _______
49 – It will be finished on July 31 …
50 – Surprising techniques for _______
51 – We thought it was impossible, but …

Between creativity and imitation

To conclude, I could tell you to be the most original and the most creative possible to stand out in the face of all these emails that we are bombarded every day. It is certain that the originality is often paying because breaking codes will bring you to light. However, in the case of an email subject, do not hesitate to be inspired by what the best! Just like a student learning from his teacher, you can start by imitating what the older ones do while adding your personal touch. Then, especially, keep an eye on the statistics of each of your shipments to be able to test new things and improve your titles every time!