▷ 5 content ideas on Facebook Live to boost your marketing and your communication (4th part)

As we saw in article number 1, number 2 and number 3 of this file on "The complete guide to get started on Facebook Live", Facebook Live is proving to be a very interesting tool for the marketing and communication of your business …

Through the examples that I have gathered, you will quickly understand that Facebook Live intervenes in the same way as any other medium. But if, at first, it has simply declined content formats already seen on other platforms, we see emerging gradually new formulas particularly suitable for these live videos.

To explore and see what is happening on Facebook Live, visit LiveMap.

Different content ideas for your Lives

1 – Questions & Answers

Like our two big web stars Mark Zuckerberg and Rémy Bigot of MonterSonBusiness.com (Remy is our French web star … I'm a big fan!), You can organize live video sessions of questions and answers.

Not only does this allow you to present your product / service / expertise, but it also helps to answer the questions of the auditors. The strength of this type of Live rests on proximity and direct connection with its audience. You can also conduct surveys that, unlike traditional polls, allow you to have a direct understanding of the needs and expectations of clients.


When will the after sales service and technical support on Facebook Live ?! Perhaps you already have examples of brands and companies using this system? I have not found one yet …

2 – The Tutorials

Tutorials, webinars and mini-courses represent high added value content because they try to answer the problems of your target audience. Explain how to use your products. The idea is not to sell, but to become an indispensable source of solutions for your target audience.


3 – Backstages "Behind the scene"

Breaking the line between brands and consumers is one of the major focuses of today's communication strategies. "Behind the scenes", for example, is an advertising medium that is particularly popular with advertisers and appreciated by customers. By adapting the "Behind the scenes" with Facebook Live, an additional step is taken in the brand-customer relationship.

Indeed, it is no longer a posteriori editing behind the scenes of the shoot, but rather an invitation to participate in the heart of the action.

Example: Raise the curtain … Show who you really are

However, this notion of intimacy is only expressed at a certain level on this brand – client relationship. But I'm thinking in particular of live shows broadcast on groups. The principle consists in expressing one's reflections on a subject, to a specific and previously chosen audience.

4 – Interviews

As can be seen in the conversation of Adam Grant and Amy Cuddy, the Facebook Live interview immerses Internet users in a lively but intimate debate. It is not a press conference, but a real meeting.

However, it is not necessary to embark on a formal interview with a certain frame, the spontaneous interview, like that during the Tough Mudder also works very well. It is the same in this other example, francophone this one, of Fred Canevet of ConseilsMarketing.fr

5 – Public Relations Tools: Press conferences, video press releases, product presentations, interviews …

It was already possible to make videos "press releases" and send them to the media / bloggers. Now you can do it live and for everyone on Facebook Live.

For example, this teaser of the new Chevrolet electric car, announced at the CES in January 2016, and broadcast on Facebook Live or the resignation of Peyton Manning of the NFL. This last example is all the more interesting because it represents in my opinion a real junction between two worlds:

  • Intimacy;
  • The public character.

Indeed, contrary to the desire to integrate audiences into the "private" sphere, some examples of content from Facebook Live show us the opposite.

Live press conferences, announcements such as NFL's Peyton Manning's resignation, or reports from a live event, are all cases that shift this tool functionality to serve brand content as a problem. pure broadcast events.

It is in this perspective that public relations professionals see Facebook Live as an evolution of their methods. To the problems of availability of the various actors and important budgets, the new functionality of Facebook brings a simple answer.

You will now have to solve the issue of the audience, applying the same techniques as your colleagues marketing. Make sure to prevent your live stream so that key stakeholders can participate. As such, I would recommend "tagging" the main speakers of your live to expand the potential audience.