▷ 4 tips for doing viral marketing!

Your viral marketing will be potentially boosted by the end of this article! But before you start, do you know what viral marketing is? Viral marketing relies on its transmission mainly word-of-mouth "pandemic" as a virus (hence the name "viral"), that is to say very quickly. It's also called the marketing buzz. But then, how to achieve SUPER viral marketing campaigns for his business, whether on the web or physical? You have come across the right article!

Tip # 1: Transmit A STRONG emotion!

By sharing in your viral marketing campaign a very strong emotion, you will push people unconsciously to not forget your ad, your product, your viral campaign what … For this, you must know what emotion you want to make your audience feel that he buys your product.

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Here is a small list of strong emotions:

  • Love;
  • Hate;
  • Anger (which is often associated with hate)
  • Etc.

Tip # 2: Do not do it like the others if you really want to stand out

You must do in the innovative and especially the original, even in the eccentric! If you do something that others have not seen, then it's more likely that they'll remember what you've done than existing campaigns that do not do anything original, but copy between them. What "bores" prospects / traffic!

Tip # 3: be open!

You need to make sharing and downloading your content as easy as possible so that there is a maximum! After all, it's about sharing that your marketing will become viral! You must not restrict access and the ability to share your content if you want it to be viral. Either you want emails and in this case, you will have to wait for your campaign to take effect (and therefore, do not ask for email addresses to download or even share your content). Either you do viral marketing, accessible to all and are no longer in the direct eye of wanting emails. Do you think that emails will come "alone" after the marketing campaign.

Tip # 4: People love stories!

Tell a story in your viral marketing strategy! People will remember more about your story than the product. It's simple: the human being loves stories, it captivates him, that's all! And so if you want your marketing campaign to be viral, you have to insert a story in your ad! But an original story is captivating.

Tip: For a story that will remain memorable, be original and put unexpected and unusual elements!

I hope you enjoyed this article! Feel free to share it and ask me your questions in comment!